Whether your basement is an entire room below your home, a number of smaller rooms, or a place that you simply use for storage, there are many different options when it comes to renovating the space efficiently. By maximizing your efficiency, you are able to get the very most out of the room, making it a functional family room, or a room that you use for your own personal hobbies. We have created a number of basement renovation ideas to inspire how you and your family will choose to use this extra space within your home.

You should begin by thinking about the function of the room itself. Would you like to convert it into an extra bedroom for friends and family? Or would you like to create a playroom for your children to escape in, whilst giving yourself some peace and quiet? No matter what your aspirations are for the room, there are many different ideas for you to choose from.

However, basement renovations can either be extremely simple, or be extremely challenging due to the nature of the room itself. As a result, the cost of such a conversion can range greatly. Although this may appear expensive, the return on investment can be quite large with the addition of bedrooms, and usable living spaces! Regardless of how foreboding your basement may be, we have created a number of different decorating ideas that can convert your basement from a no go zone to a functional room that becomes a part of your home!

Create A New  Guest Bedroom

Are your children growing up and needing more space? Do you have family visiting continuously throughout the year? If so, then a new bedroom may be ideal for your basement renovation. Reconstructing your basement into a brand new bedroom will provide your children (or guests) with the privacy they need, whilst ensuring that they can get a good night’s sleep in their own space. If you have a smaller basement that cannot be turned into a whole new room, you can always create an alcove, or collapsible wall mounted beds. This is a fun and exciting experience, especially for children, who may even have their own ‘sleepovers’ in this new room within the home!

Let Your Kids Run Wild In Their Own Playroom

Your basement idea doesn’t have to be based around adults, you can always create a fun and exciting playroom experience for your children. From stairs that rise up to a slide, built-in shelves for all of their toys and beanbags for them to sit down on, the basement provides endless opportunity for children to enjoy a room of their own. Not only does this create a fun environment for your children, but also prevents the mess of their toys from being scattered all around the home. Two benefits from one renovation!

Meet Your Fitness Goals With Your Own Gym

The basement is the perfect place to create your very own personalized gym, specially tailored to your fitness regime. You can create multiple work stations, from weight areas to stretching areas and even dedicated areas for your running and rowing machine. You can install rubber mats as a flooring option, which will protect the floor from heavy weights, whilst also being more affordable than many other flooring options available in the market. Gone are the days of cold walks to the gym at 6am. Instead, wake up, put your gym gear on and walk downstairs to your very own gym.

Let Your Mind Flow With Your Own Functional Workplace

Do you struggle to focus due to loud noise around the house or from the street? Why not convert your basement into your very own functional workplace! Here, you can store all of your work in one location, whilst being able to work for hours without the distractions throughout the home. Your functional workplace can be specially tailored to your needs, making use of designs and furniture that can help you get the best out of your work. Your basement can become your very own safe haven, a place where you can escape the stresses of daily life and let your imagination run wild.

Create Your Own Movie Theatre

Are your family a fan of going to watch movies? If so, you can bring the excitement of the theatre to your home. Rather than spending time going to and from the cinema, you can plan indoor cinema nights for all of the family to enjoy. The basement is a perfect place for an indoor cinema, as they usually have few to no windows, making the room extremely dark- perfect for creating the movie theatre atmosphere. You can choose to raise your floor in order to add a few rows of recliners, install smart lighting that you can dim and even swap out your TV for a projector and screen! No matter your personal preferences or style, there are many different ideas that you can pick and choose from!

Entertain Guests For Hours With Your Very Own Wet Bar

Do you often host parties at your home? Or is your house the hub for family gatherings? If so, renovating your basement to a bar is the perfect investment. You can have your very own customized cabinets installed, as well as a counter to make your own custom cocktails and drinks. Invest in some bar stools and provide your guests with endless hours of entertainment. With the addition of modern smart technology, you can ensure your bar is equipped with everything from built-in fridges, smart lighting and even a countertop beer tap!

When it comes to basement renovations, you are spoilt for choice in terms of options. Although the initial investment of any renovation can appear expensive, they will pay off when it comes to the added functionality of your new room, as well as the increased resale value of your home should you ever choose to sell. No matter what you choose, make sure that any renovation you choose really adds value to your daily lives. After all, you don’t want to spend a great deal of money, only to find that you have no use for your new renovation! For basement renovations in Calgary, don’t hesitate to check out the work done by Reborn Renovations.