You are using it every day, sometimes even twice. Yes,  we are talking about a very important thing existing in every house… the shower! Whether they are walk-in shower designs or steam showers they are habitual in every bathroom.

Sounds strange, but people often underestimate the importance of their shower’s appearance. Yet, it is a place where we spend a lot of our time; and which we use every day (sometimes, more than once). Therefore, our shower deserves special and tasteful treatment.

It doesn’t really matter what type of shower you have-you should still take care of your shower design. A carefully designed shower will turn into a warm and relaxing place, where you enjoy spending time, rather than simply performing a basic activity.

Let us tell you about few popular trends and designs, which can help you obtain the best possible bathroom at home.

Open showers

Might sound surprising, but lately, designers avoid attaching doors to the shower cabins! This creates an open shower. We’re sure that your first thought is that this is an irrational solution since it can create a real chaos. Still, designers backed up their ideas with solid open designs, which manage to keep water far from the rest of the bathroom. The solution is simply to place the shower in the right corner.

Open showers are not just a trend. They are an effective solution which helps saving money and time, and maintenance efforts. For instance, showers without doors add space to the otherwise claustrophobic cabin. As we said, all you need to do is to plan it properly; and to choose the perfect location for it.

We sincerely recommend walk-in showers.  These are the best shower options when bathrooms are not so spacious, or there is a need to make space look more elegant. You would be surprised how many luxurious hotels/apartments choose walk-in showers to support their style.

Shower tiles

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-7 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

Bathroom tiles help to create awesome showers! Shower tile design ideas come from almost everywhere in the world. Both granite and ceramic tiles create amazing showers, and they attach a ‘sophisticated’ tag to your bathroom’s design. Granite, for instance, is very popular in enclosed showers, especially ones built using glass. Thanks to this, the beautiful textures will be visible even while standing outside of the shower.

Small shower tile ideas often incorporate mosaics. The key feature of tiles and mosaics is their appearance. You should always opt for interesting and memorable textures; and relaxing colors. If you want to create a unique but personal design; or you’ve simply decided to make a wise investment, choose a creative, excellent quality solution which will impress visitors.

Tiles are also perfect for bathtubs; and are therefore also suitable for wide and spacious bathrooms. The most notable thing about tiled walk-in showers is the wide collection of designs that it has.  Custom shower ideas abound.

From small walk-in showers to a two-person shower, there are beautiful showers available for every budget. If you’re looking to create an awesome shower for your bathroom, gather up some pics of tiled showers, and look for repeat patterns until you find your taste.

Glass stall

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-1 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

If you have a small bathroom, don’t despair!  Shower ideas for small bathrooms abound. If you believe your bathroom has little space for experimental designs, think about glass stalls and corner shower ideas.

They are functional, suitable even in the tiniest bathrooms, and could look classy and stylish.  Small shower designs do not have to be boring.  And you could add a custom element to your design by adding a cool shower head.

Thematic showers-Zen/Spa design

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-5 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

When you care about comfort and are willing to make the investment, spa shower ideas will be well worth exploring. Spa shower designs are perfect to make your home shower relaxing, and to offer an even better experience than commercial saunas and spas.

Besides, your shower remodel will create custom bathroom designs unique to your taste.  You are in charge of selecting the colors and materials! We recommend you pastel tones of beige, white, or cream.

Take into consideration shower lighting ideas as well as a variety of shower styles. Great showers often have unique shower heads and creative shower floor ideas.

Rustic showers

Your bathroom may not be spacious, but that doesn’t stop you from making it cute and classy. Take a look at rustic themes for instance – they look amazing; they relax your mind and your body, and they are really affordable.

What does ‘rustic’ stand for? For instance, cooper shower heads, wood tile shower floors, stone decorations; or Beachwood enclosure. Some rustic showers may even give the appearance of a cave shower.  The color palette should once again consist of calm and natural shades, especially light blue or pistachio. Imagine the feeling of being inside!

Glass shower – yes or no?

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-2 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

If you’re creating an enclosed shower, glass is the perfect material to help you distinguish between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, avoiding the claustrophobic feeling of being stuck in a small square. Besides, glass is affordable and really easy to clean; and it is a great modern shower design choice for those who take proper care of it.

Cosmopolitan shower – Minimal heads

If you’re looking for small showers for small spaces, so-called Cosmopolitan showers are ideal. They are made in order to comply with fast lifestyle when a person literally jumps for a shower, and has a short time to enjoy the experience.

If this is you, usability is your priority. Modern shower ideas will assist you to create a smart solution, and have one of these awesome showers one that looks modern and catchy, but it also delivers practicality.  Cosmopolitan shower designs offer a range of excellent shower ideas for small bathrooms.

Ideally, cosmopolitan showers are constructed like chic squares, with a minimal shower head attached to the ceiling. However,  if you want your bathroom to look extravagant and memorable, you can always go for awesome shower heads.  Explore images of showers in order to get the best out of your shower renovations. That way you will have a beautiful shower which is both modern and practical.

Showers that can heat water

Ever heard of electric showers? This shower model heats the water as it runs out of the pipes. They cost quite more than the regular ones, but they are a long-term investment which can help you save money on expensive boilers or excessive energy bills.

Sounds perfect, but is it so? It is a fact that electricity and water isn’t a good combination but electric showers are safe as long as they are installed properly. Like all the best shower ideas, electric showers have disadvantages: their flow and power are smaller (compared to the regular ones), and there is a great probability of limescale problems. However, there are more and more electric showers that contain a regulating pump which could give you the best shower ever, Speak to a shower designer and install nice shower heads to make the most of this practical shower choice.

Horizontal shower designs

It doesn’t just sound unique-it looks so! One of the best showers in the world,  a horizontal shower is a real luxury! It is the master of relaxation and home-based anti-stress therapy. So, are you ready to take a bath without a bathtub?  If you’re exploring luxurious showers, this is a perfect choice.

A personal steam room

Enclosed showers are one of the best showers you could have.  This luxury shower includes steam generators that can provide you with a genuine home-spa. Isn’t this one cool bathroom ideas?

A walk-in shower with a bench would help you make the most of this steam room experience.  Don’t forget to include at least one small window to allow air to circulate and the steam to go out, and enjoy it.

Who wouldn’t love it?  Explore a range of walk-in shower enclosers as well as tile ideas for this awesome shower renovation.

Digital showers

Why would latest trends and invocations pass up shower technology? Electrical showers were just the beginning of shower digitalization-nowadays, you can choose between regular, pumped or mixed models.

Why choosing a digital shower? It is able to adjust water’s temperature thermostatically (through its tiny processor box), and it removes the risk of painful and unexpected spikes when pulling the wrong tab.

A  smart shower can be used to meet all your bathroom needs.  From a small walk-in shower to a larger 2 person shower, use technology to create one of the coolest showers out there.

Rounded showers

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-9 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

When remodeling bathroom showers, how about choosing a slightly different shape? This helps you to create unique showers. Fancy shower heads can be a decisive criterion for your entire design and can add personality and glamour.

Likewise, you can use interesting shower stall shapes to create cool bathroom designs. For instance, you could use rounded showers, as long as the size of your bathroom allows it.  Glass shower designs can come in a range of shapes, so have a look at the best shower designs to suit your needs. From a narrow shower to unique shower doors, there are are a range of custom designs to choose from. If you are budget conscious, you can even explore DIY shower ideas.

Showers have a double function: they provide you with cleanness and add a fresh feeling to your bathroom. If you choose a glass shower you will see immediate results.

These days bathroom shower design ideas and advanced technology bring awesome results. Now, when you use it you don’t just wash, you can get a massage or listen to music. There can be implemented many lights for a cozy atmosphere and the water can rise from unexpected places on the sound of music.

With your shower area moving from a simply functional space to one of enjoyment, it is time to look at all the awesome shower ideas currently available.These days not even the shape is regular, and there is a wide range of unique shower designs available on the market.

You can pick up awesome shower ideas from the gorgeous showers in this article.  This will help you to achieve achieving authenticity when it comes to your unique look. Corner showers are most common but there is a range of new shower designs, you can easily find many other bathroom shower designs adapting to your style and available space.


Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-3 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

There are so many unique showers in this article that I’m sure you’ll be inspired to create a really cool looking one in your home.

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-4 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-6 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

Interesting-Shower-Design-Ideas-8 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

I find very important to recharge your batteries while you are washing. The mental “hygiene” is as important as the body hygiene. And why shouldn’t we all enjoy these innovations when the market offers many alternative?

You just have to know where to look for and for your research you can start with these 33 different shower design ideas.

s1 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s2 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s3 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s4 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s5 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s6 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s7 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s8 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s9 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s10 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s11 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s12 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s13 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s14 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s15 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s16 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s17 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s18 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s19 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s20 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s21 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s22 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s23 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s24 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s25 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s26 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s27 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s28 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s29 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s30 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s31 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s32 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

s33 Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas (42 Pictures)

I hope these pictures of showers have been the thing you were looking for. These are the best shower designs that I found so far, but there are lots of other cool shower examples that will be in our future articles.

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