Adjusting to a new home will take time in any case, and you can’t just get used to it from scratch. What you can do, however, is to look for ways to make your home more welcoming, and to smoothen the transition process to a comfortable level.

This article provides few interesting tips for creating a welcoming home, or even better: a personal relaxing oasis you and your guests would enjoy.

Windowing and lighting

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home1 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: FINNE Architects

Light is essential for a welcoming atmosphere, so invite friendly rays inside! They will improve your mood and will boost your energy, which is why you should replace heavy drapes with lace curtains to soften the texture of the windows.

In fact, you can use whatever translucent fabric you light, as long as it allows light to come inside but filters view at the same time to protect your privacy.

In case you don’t have the desired access to sunlight, solve the process artificially: install skylights or fixtures with dimming control, so that the ambiance would be both bright and cozier when necessary.

You can add few floor/table lamps to get more intensive light for performing your tasks.

A cute entryway

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home2 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: DesRosiers Architects

“The entryway is important,” says YM Corporation. The foyer says a lot about the people that live in the house, and it dictates, therefore, the mood of your first-time guests. “It’s not only visitors’ first impression of the interior or the home but it also sets the scene for the rest of the house.

You can enliven the place with a large mirror, so that it will appear visually open and it will reflect light regardless of its size.

Look for balanced furniture

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home3 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: Sutton Suzuki Architects

By balanced, we refer to pieces that are both beautiful to look upon, and comfortable to sit upon. Still, if you have to choose between the two you should give priority to the later, knowing that, at the end of the day, what will truly matter is how you feel when you go home.

The magical touch of texture

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home5 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: Guimar Urbina | KIS Interior Design

Texturing is a simple trick for softening a place, as it makes people feel cozier and more relaxed. Therefore, think of items that simply tempt you to touch them, as smooth wood, wavy wallpapers, fluffy cushions, etc.

These elements are easy to incorporate in every design scheme, especially modern ones that tend to look rigid and uncomfortable.

Texture can also reduce the spaciousness effect in large rooms, and make them feel way cozier than their original state.


Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home6 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: AMDG Architects

As practical as it is, a wide open space can look cold and uninviting, so you should use furniture to create few tiny nooks that will ‘relax’ the atmosphere.

A cute reading corner with plenty of pillows or a couch nest can really revive large living rooms, but the same effect can be achieved even on a fraction of the price.

All it would take is to throw few cushions or a blanket, and your living room will become your favorite sanctuary.

Make your own combinations

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home7 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: jamesthomas Interiors

You don’t have to buy furniture sets or elements that look absolutely identical. The solution can do more harm than good, and you may end up living in a furniture store instead of a comfy home.

There is nothing inviting in unified rooms, and they share absolutely nothing about your personality. Instead, you should get creative and play with different styles, trying to make a room where everything ‘goes’, rather than ‘matches’.

Take a look outside the box, and add texture with cozy, yet dissimilar pieces.

Buy second-hand

Tastes are not to be discussed, meaning that the couch somebody didn’t like may be exactly what your ideal living room needs.

Instead of spending a fortune to make your home cozier, visit a garage sale or a flea market, and look for an item you could like. Antique stores and auctions are also a good idea, assuming that your style is more traditional, than modern.

Look at the warmer side of the color wheel

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home12 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: Gary Lee Partners

There is rarely something as powerful as colors when it comes to eliciting moods and emotions, so try to learn something more about it.

The color sector of design is the most interesting one, meaning that you will learn a lot of stuff, but will also be entertained while doing it.

The basic rule says that cooler shades (blue, green, and purple) look classy, but no that energizing, while warmer ones such as red, orange, yellow, or brown can complete your interior project with warmth and coziness.

Homey walls

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home4 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: Room & Board

Without appropriate wall paints, all efforts to make your home more inviting will be in vain. Your home will still expose a desperate need for a makeover, and you will wonder what the hack went wrong with it.

Even if a cozier atmosphere is not your ultimate goal, you should still consider repainting a room or two to add a fresh breeze.

In case you’re renting and the landlord doesn’t allow it, go for removable wallpapers or stickers that can make you feel at home. The creative souls among you should even consider some personal art, or vinyl wall stickers that share a meaningful message.

Homey details

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home11 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: Niche Interiors

Plush toys, book collections and scented candles are just invaluable for your homey scenario, as they make a room feel calm and incredibly ordered.

Many people go the other way around, trying to lead their design to crispy perfection that amazes people, but doesn’t make them want to stay in the room for a longer time.

Keeping things clean is obviously desirable, but your home is not a place that needs to be inspected and evaluated.

Instead, it is a place where people come to see you and to spend time with you, so invite them with fresh flowers, magazines on the coffee table, or a glass carafe next to their beds.

They will appreciate this much more than a super-ordered corner where there is nothing to do.

Make it more natural

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home9 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: Rikki Snyder

Plants are vital for any home, not just because they purify the air, but also because they look friendly and inviting. When choosing one, think of the size of the room and don’t exaggerate with tree-like plants that can distract visitors.

As we mentioned even before, there is a lot fresh flowers can do for a welcoming atmosphere, especially when they look calming and sophisticated.

In addition to plants, you can use many other natural elements, such as wooden photo frames or bowls full of sea shells. In fact, you can opt for any subtle addition you think would be a comfortable factor for your home.

Cheer up the ambiance

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home10 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Comfort doesn’t depend that much on how things look, as it depends on how a person feels when being surrounded by those things.

In order to make people feel comfortable at your place, play some soothing jazz in the background, install dimmers to the light fixtures, put cushions on the chairs, etc.

If you’re running short of ideas, think of your friend and their favorite places: which is the thing that would make them wanna spend cozy evenings at your place?

Display meaningful details

Interesting-Tips-For-Creating-A-Welcoming-Home8 Interesting Tips For Creating A Welcoming HomeImage source: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Last, but not least, add comfort by displaying the things you love, and ones that have sentimental value in your life.

There is nothing better to personalize a place than adding family photos, trip memorabilia, or gifts you received from your friends, as those are the guarantee that you will always want to go back home and to relax.

A favorite piece of artwork is also a great idea for a homey place, as long as you display in the right place.