Do you want to refresh your home, but aren’t sure where to start? Perhaps you haven’t decorated your place in a while, you’ve received a jumble of items from previous moves, or your preferences have evolved over time. Therefore, what presently serves you well? Most people have to answer this question at one point in their decorating journey. You will surely know when you like something, whether it’s food, clothing, or a house.

Personal style is a mixture of various preferences and it can be developed over time. But if you’re having trouble even figuring out what you enjoy or don’t like, this article can be useful. Here’s how to discover your own distinctive look and own it, regardless of whether you’ve never understood your unique style or are going through a home decorating identity crisis.

Experiment with different styles

You’ve decided to go on a journey of identifying your interior design style. That itself is a great step for making your home look and feel better and warmer, but it’s also an amazing step for your own character development. That’s why you will need to experiment with various styles, designs, patterns, and colors.

The best way to do this is to scribble on a piece of paper about what would you like your home to look like, without spending money on items that may not fit your newly found aesthetic. But, if you would like to decorate your home with a statement piece that you know will fit your interior, don’t be afraid to buy it.

Statement pieces can be a great start to redecorating your home and finding your style. For example, glass pendant lights are a statement piece that will guide you in looking for the perfect pieces that they need in their surroundings. Make sure to plan ahead on color schemes and materials, as that will save you money while making your home look gorgeous.

Inspire yourself

Go outside to get more ideas. Visit a restaurant, design shop, or any other location that strikes your interest that has been nicely furnished. If you’re fortunate enough to travel frequently, venture beyond the usual tourist attractions and check out local design fairs, small eateries, and art galleries. Take note of how things are assembled and what connects them. In the long term, these influences and the memories connected to them will get you inspired to find your style and design your home accordingly.

If it came to your understanding that you have a maximalist style, a well-traveled look will capture your eye – one that combines aspects from other cultures, combining vibrant colors, intriguing designs, and art deco components. If you find out that you like the minimalist aesthetic, you would enjoy modern styles, bright color blocking, negative space, and clean lines. If you’re an elegant, yet woodsy or industrial-style decorator, natural and aged textures in hardwood, leather, or stone will excite you.

Create mood boards

Finding the style of interior design you enjoy might be the simplest when you do it in this manner. If you possess a large collection of design publications, grab a corkboard or magnetized mood board and begin pinning all the images of rooms, color schemes, and design details that make your heart sing.

Even simpler, create an online account and follow some of the top curators and interior designers for ideas. A trend is certain to develop as you save more and more images that you find appealing. Take note of the photographs you have saved over the past few months as well as the colors, textures, and fabrics you have a preference for. This will enable us to determine whether you are conventional, modern, contemporary, eclectic, or a wonderful blend of all of them.

Know what your style isn’t

Recognize that a decorating style might change over time. As you proceed, gather furniture and accessories, edit continuously, and select the ones that have special meaning for you. To adapt your collection of older items to your changing style, sell, renovate, or upcycle them. Don’t give in to the need to hoard things that no longer bring you joy or serve any purpose. Even if you’re still looking for the things you adore, be precise about the things you don’t desire and cleverly eliminate them.

id2 Interior design: 4 ways to Discover Your Decor Style

Final thoughts

It might be difficult to find the ideal style to represent your personality. There is so much inspiration available that choosing what would actually look well in your home can be daunting and perplexing. However, the battle is only half won once you can identify a few aspects of your unique taste and begin to ask yourself the correct questions. Make sure to experiment and make bold choices and your style will follow behind.

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