Let’s be honest – we all want that magazine-worthy interior in our homes. However, being family-friendly in the process gets in the way of some ideas. It’s even harder when you’re in a nomadic family that is frequently moving. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve nice things in life and that picture-perfect home you always wanted. That’s why we came up with these interior design ideas for families that move frequently. Let’s dive into them.

Folding shelves are your best friends

When you move frequently, it’s really important not to lose too much of your time in the process. But you have to pack and unpack all your stuff somewhere, right? That’s where the folding shelves come in. These little underrated home-helpers can really become your best friends. They are easy to install, de-install, and re-install whenever you need them. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can play with different designs without worrying that you won’t be able to combine them with the rest of the furniture.

Golden idea: honeycomb folding shelves for the walls

As we said, folding shelves come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the best family and fancy-interior-friendly ideas we came up with recently is putting folding shelves in the shape of a honeycomb on your walls. This is a simple yet great solution to:

  • Find a place for all your little things (you can put little lights on them to make the atmosphere of the room)
  • Make your interior exciting and trendy
  • Have your stuff out of your kids’ reach (it’s wonderful not to worry whether your kiddo will spill and break your favorite Mademoiselle Chanel perfume, right?)
Interior-Design-Ideas-for-Families-That-Move-Frequently-1 Interior Design Ideas for Families That Move Frequently

Different shapes of shelves on a wall can be one of the perfect interior design ideas for families that move frequently.

Caption: Different shapes of shelves on a wall can be one of the perfect interior design ideas for families that move frequently.

Avoid sharp edges

Although honeycomb-shaped shelves are sharped-edged, we can’t stress enough how important it is for every family-friendly home with little kids living in it to avoid sharp edges. Sure, you can put something sharp high up and on the walls. However, all the things close to the ground, like ottomans and coffee tables, need to be round and safe. This can actually make a pretty good vibe. Also, soft and rounded furniture is way easier to move without worrying about damaging them in the process. If you combine the colors right, you will get quite warm and welcoming furnishings in your house.

An idea: Lose the coffee table

As most of us have a sharped-edge coffee table, one of the things our expert consultants suggest is – simply to lose the coffee table. You can put your ottomans in the circle, make an empty spot, or you can make a so-called Matryoshka design. This is a new method of nesting side tables like Matryoshka dolls in the middle of the living room.

Put a statement rug in the middle of the room

This one is a life hack for all families, but it’s especially important for families that move frequently. A colorful, vibrant rug can be a great focal point of your design. If you opt for a truly colorful one, you’ll make sure not to stress yourself out about the spellings and all the other accidents your kids might have on it. Also, you won’t be afraid of the damage and things that can get on it during the move. It will take you less time to re-install it every time you come into your new place of residence. Also, you can play with the placement of your rug in order to make a more appealing and truly awesome space in your home.

Interior-Design-Ideas-for-Families-That-Move-Frequently-2 Interior Design Ideas for Families That Move Frequently

A colorful rug can save you a lot of trouble with kids.

Don’t be afraid of your artsy side

Having kids and moving around a lot doesn’t have to take away your love for art from the picture. You can hang artwork on your walls freely. Just make sure to protect it properly. For example, put pictures and valuable paintings in the glass frames that museums use. That way, you’ll make sure neither your kids nor moving ruins something you love.

It’s important to have something that motivates and inspires you in your interior design. When you’re moving a lot, it can get hard from time to time, and you need a reminder of your motives for making this decision. As professional movers say, it’s often related to making a better future for your kids and yourself. That’s why it’s important to have something that makes you happy and in sync with yourself at all times. Don’t give up on art; art is important.

Choose durable fabrics

If you are the only one living in the home, you have the option of selecting more delicate materials. However, if there are other youngsters there, you will not have that choice. When it comes to the couches and any other piece of furniture that has upholstery, choose a sturdy fabric or leather. This is a good way to preserve your furniture longer, especially if you have to move them around all the time.

Pro tip: use removable covers

Another thing you can do to give your furniture a longer life is to cover it with removable covers. These covers come in a lot of different designs. So, you can be sure you’ll find ones that will go well with your interior every time you move. You can improve the overall vibe of your bedroom if you put bed covers over your sheets. That will help you keep your sheets clean if you decide to make a movie night in your bedroom.

Interior-Design-Ideas-for-Families-That-Move-Frequently-3 Interior Design Ideas for Families That Move Frequently

Make sure to protect your bed sheets in order to have them for a longer period.

More interior design ideas for families that move frequently

Of course, that’s not all. For example, you can incorporate an antique piece or two into the picture. That will require some caution, but it’s not impossible. If you, on the other hand, want to play it super safe, you can kid-proof everything with a simple little trick of adding more color. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to try out some of these interior design ideas for families that move frequently, and tell us what you think about them!

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