Interior design is a very unique field of study. It can encompass so many different aspects of life, from the psychology of color to the practicalities of choosing furniture. The following are some simple ways you can create a more comfortable home for yourself and your family by taking into account these considerations that may not be as obvious!

Better Heating and Cooling for Extra Comfort

According to the United States Department of Energy, you can save 10% to 30% on your heating and cooling bill for each degree you set back (or up) your thermostat. There are several things you can do to make it easier to regulate the temperature in your home. First, ensure that there is no obstruction between the air conditioner or heater and the vents. This is where air conditioning contractors come in handy so that you don’t make a mistake. This means replacing any bookshelves or other furniture with vents with clear floor space. Try not to put anything near a window either, as this will prevent cold or hot air from entering your home naturally through these vents.


If your HVAC system was installed during the initial construction of your home, consider having insulation added around where pipes come into the home. This will help to retain the heat or cold in your home and reduce that bill even further.

Placing Plants Around Your Home

Did you know that the Department of Energy also recommends placing indoor plants around your home? According to this government website, some houseplants can reduce toxins from chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. These are common pollutants found in furniture or other products including paint, carpeting, or building materials. Placing a potted plant nearby helps improve air quality while also adding a unique visual element to any room. Just be sure to choose a plant with care, as some may be poisonous if ingested by pets or children.

Choosing Furniture Carefully for Comfort

You spend a lot of time in your bed, which is why it’s essential to make sure you get one that works for you. A mattress should be replaced every ten years on average, but if you notice any significant changes in physical comfort (such as back or neck pain) then it may be time for an upgrade earlier than the expiration date. Just like with flooring materials, try to choose something that will breathe; mattresses shouldn’t feel hot or sticky when sleeping on them! For your bedroom furniture, again go for items that are easy to clean and breathable. Wood or metal can work very well here, especially if they are oiled so the wood doesn’t dry out over time.

Practical yet Functional Storage

Anywhere space is limited, think about ways to maximize your storage. Your bedroom closet can be a great place for this! Custom-made closet systems are not only very effective but also aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s hard to go wrong with built-in closets that take up minimal floor space so you don’t have to worry about where your shoes will fit!

Make Your Kitchen an Outdoor Haven

One of the best ways to control lighting in any room is through skylights. Many people think of glass roofs when they hear “skylight” but these are typically much more expensive and difficult to install. Instead, consider opening your kitchen or dining room up by adding glass doors instead of walls between these rooms and the outdoors! If you have high-quality windows, this can allow for the sunlight to filter in naturally while still making it easy to have some privacy if needed. Skylights are not limited to spaces with direct access outside of course, as some overhanging roofs over porches or patios may also provide enough space for natural lighting!

Throw Pillows and Cushions

If you find yourself taking your favorite throw pillow with you everywhere, why not make it easier to grab when needed? A simple solution for this is to attach a metal ring or carabiner to the corner of each pillow. Then hang them along curtain rods, hooks on the wall, or even just tie them together in a loose knot! This helps keep the pillows close at hand but also prevents you from having any excess clutter if they are not needed. Throw pillows and cushions are an excellent way to add that extra bit of comfort anywhere around your home so invest in high-quality ones that will last you years!

i2 Interior Design Ideas You Should Implement to Increase the Comfort of Your Home

By choosing furniture that is easy on your joints and muscles, it will be much easier to enjoy your home more. These are just a few simple suggestions but there are dozens more out there depending on your living arrangements. Think about how you can make these tips work for you and implement them into your interior design plans today!

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