Ready to get out of the city and into the cozy comforts of country living? You’re not the only one. Large metropolitan areas around the world are seeing the same pattern: homebuyers are giving up on city living in order to take advantage of more affordable prices and more space in small towns in the country.

Many are deciding to use their enhanced budgets to move into a custom home where they can get what they want at a reasonable price. Having your new house custom built so that it’s move in ready with everything made to your taste can reduce a lot of the headaches that come with moving.

Not only are people choosing the country because they can afford the house they’ve always dreamed of, but they also want to live the lifestyle: a quiet neighborhood, less traffic, close access to nature, farmer’s markets and great local food. They also want it reflected inside their new house.

With these simple interior design tips, you can make sure your modern custom home has a country living atmosphere.

#1 Simplicity in Design & Color

The basis for country style design is simplicity. While modern touches add depth, at its foundation are elements like neutral colors, natural hues, and warm, muted tons. When you’re choosing paint colors and furniture, think:

  • Creams
  • Whites
  • Beiges
  • Natural browns

As far as furnishings go, think practical. Each piece should have a purpose, avoiding clutter and too many knick-knacks or elements that are just for show. That’s also a good way to keep an open, airy feeling.

#2 Textured Surfaces

There’s nothing like a natural patina to a surface like a coffee table or cabinets to make a piece of furniture look like it’s right at home in the country. In the past, it was more popular to cover up such raw patterns, but today they’re enjoying a renaissance, as they look more authentic and down-to-earth.

A great way to achieve this effect is by looking for furniture made out of reclaimed wood. It’s rich in history, and it carries a story with it. Reclaimed wood is upcycled wood taken from places like barns, factories, retired ships, wine casts, and other sources.

#3 Informality & Imperfection

Embrace imperfection! Modern country style interior design doesn’t try to hide the hard-earned bumps and dents or the natural patterns and knots that occur in wood furniture. Mismatched furniture? It fits right in. The aim of country style interior design is to create a home that’s warm and comforting. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Your new custom home is a beautiful place. Everything you wanted is waiting for you and ready for you to move in. What’s left is for you to complement it all with the right furniture to fit your tastes. There are so many different ways you can go with a modern home. You can keep things contemporary or indulge in your taste for mid-century modern. A country living look will always feel right, especially if you’ve finally decided to leave the city behind.