Consider new stylistic solutions in interior design that should be considered when designing and decorating a modern home. A little imagination, original ideas – and your success is guaranteed. Interior items and materials should be focused on approaching nature. This is one of the most important trends that determines the direction of design for the coming years.

The second direction, based on maximalism, follows the first: the predominance of the dominant interior – peace and harmony. All this is achieved thanks to rich colors and exquisite combination with other trends.

Color palette

The color palette will include extravagance, peace and harmony, which we will create with soft muted colors such as beige, olive green, graphite or pink. An example is a living room with a beige sofa and a plaid of the same color.

Beige is the color of simplicity and elegance. It is primarily used by designers to create a color base in interiors, including decorations in the form of trendy baskets, linen pillows and cotton rugs. This delicate color is ideal for creating a clean and cozy atmosphere in the house, it artfully decorates rooms (perfect for bedrooms and even kitchens), adds space, so interiors completely decorated in beige tones are not uncommon.

However, one should remember the basic principle of organizing space within the same color – this is the optimal ratio of all color surfaces, materials and textures in terms of lightness and brightness. The interior, decorated in one color, should be balanced by accents of other shades (for example, gray or classic black).

Home space is a safe oasis, our refuge, in which we should feel safe, cozy and good. Colors that are drawn from nature (warm browns, greens and blues) will help us with this, they warm and restore balance at the same time. This is a great way to create a space full of comfort.

Green is calming and relaxing. Brought into the interior, it looks beautiful not only in typical compositions, but also in elegant, enriched with golden accents. The noble and enveloping mix of green, blue and gray is especially suitable for an accent wall and fashion accessories.

Maximalism is a trend for daredevils or individualists. Rich, expressive colors (reds, mustard yellows, garnets and emerald greens) at first glance may seem like a rather controversial choice that will only work with decorative additives. Properly selected bright colors can become a harmonious and sophisticated solution for fashionable interiors designed in the spirit of maximalism. Here are some interior design ideas for you.

Ceiling and floor decoration

The design of the ceiling is often forgotten, but it is just as important as the choice of furniture. Suspended ceiling with indirect LED lighting is an absolute trend in modern interiors. Decorative profiles bring the charm of antiquity to the room. A variety of models makes them ideal for any interior.

In modern homes, such floor coverings as laminate, composite wood, tiles with the effect of natural stone, and various types of mosaics are very popular. What you need to do is follow your own sense of proportion and personal taste when it comes to choosing materials and colors.

Windows and doors

The shape, size and color of windows are also important elements of interior design. Windows literally invite nature and the outside world inside. If you are one of the lucky few with a great view from your window, take advantage of this! Frameless doors provide natural light and easy access to the balcony.

In recent years, interior doors have been presented in a wide range of materials, colors and mechanisms. Sliding doors with or without a frame, folding doors and doors decorated with decorative trim and carvings give every room a touch of modernity and elegance. Combine wooden interior doors with beige or white walls.

Furniture and home accessories

It all depends on your interior style that you want to create. Furniture and accessories should match the dimensions of the room and the color scheme. It is the furniture that determines the style of the interior – classic, minimalist, modern, eclectiс, that’s why we recommend you to Buy quality bedspreads from The Bedspread Shop.


Wall mirrors can create beautiful optical illusions. A single mirror or a group of mirrors reflects light and colors to create impressive effects.

Paintings, works of art

Art objects are key elements of decor. Saturated colors really attract attention. Paintings near the dining table or hanging on the wall above the bed in the bedroom, a statue in the hallway or a wall mural in the kitchen are creative wall decorations. Artistic compositions of wood, stone and metal create a stunning effect in any room.

Flowers and plants

This is the most important element of interior harmony. They are not only beautiful, but beneficial to the well-being of homeowners as they purify the air.

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