Commercial interior designers charge fees by the square foot, with rates ranging from $5 to $15 per square foot,  according to Home Advisor. Designing workspaces in the modern office is not simple. The ever-evolving needs of business demand customized designs that embrace innovation and organization culture and vision. For this reason, interior designers are always working hard to come up with design trends that match the needs of different companies.
If you have been searching for  office interior design inspiration, you can rest assured of finding a concept that meets your company’s needs. However, you must invest in the latest interior design trends to stay on top of the competition.
Sustainability will Rule
With the increasing concern about sustainability and climate change, the office environments will adopt  the principles of green designs. This design focuses on the use of sustainably sourced, recycled, and green building supplies in the workspace. It also stresses the importance of environmental conservation, technology-driven energy efficiency, and environmental compliance to create harmonious relationships between the environment and commercial structures. As a result, the use of reclaimed bricks and floorboards, upcycled furniture, and antiques in corporate structures will be the norm.
Increased Demand for Green Interior Design Contractors
As  companies focus on green office designs, demand for sustainable interior design experts will increase. With the help of green design experts, managers will have an easy time applying sustainable practices like selecting eco-friendly design materials, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. Business owners will be required to research the roles of a sustainable interior design  commercial contractor to increase the chances of hiring experienced and reliable professionals.
Domesticated Workplaces
The residential aesthetic is an alternative to traditional office furniture. It aims at creating a more comfortable and familiar environment in the office. Ideally, employees spend a considerable amount of time working in the office. By integrating simple designs, employees will feel at home. Companies will invest more in residential furniture and décor such as area rugs, throw pillows, sofas, furnished kitchens, woven baskets, and flower pots. According to experts, creating  comfortable workspaces enhance productivity because employees work better when they feel relaxed.
While plants are common in workplaces, a new trend to watch out for is the hanging horticulture. Ergonomics and increased efficiency were trending in 2019, will continue trending as more companies focus on wellness. Also, workers will demand natural light in the office.