Let’s say you’ve mastered the art of interior decorating, with the perfect furniture, color scheme, art, light sources, accents, etc. You’ve got everything just right — how can you take your decor to the next level?

Look to the doors. Instead of working around the doors that are in every room of your home, style them up to add value to your home and properly honor the rest of your decor. Or, if you don’t have a green thumb for decorating, this can be somewhat of a cheat. Simply changing out your interior doors can completely transform the look and feel of a room. We’ve got some great ideas to get you started:

Sliding Glass Closet Doors

1 Interior Door Ideas to Make Your Decor Pop

Closet doors are often overlooked as simply a necessary part of a bedroom, and nothing more. On the contrary, closet doors are the easiest way to flare up a room! Instead of your standard bifold doors, try sliding or French glass doors. It’s a great way to add a sleek, modern style to any space.

This type of door also allows for a wide variety of styles. Any type of glass can be used, though most people prefer fogged or blurred glass to obscure the contents of the closet and keep the room neat. You can also customize the design, with fully glass doors, or sections or panels within a wood door. Additionally, for a personal touch, you could add details and designs to the glass. You’ve got plenty of options with this one, just get creative! Sliding glass doors are perfect for bedrooms, hallways, or even kitchen pantries.

French Doors

2 Interior Door Ideas to Make Your Decor Pop

French doors are extremely popular for exterior uses, such as opening to porches and patios. They can create the same grandiose look inside your home as well. This is a great option for connecting two smaller rooms, as it creates the feeling of a larger open space, especially if you use clear glass. If you’re more focused on privacy, fogged glass allows for a great flow of light just as well. Just like the sliding glass doors, you can choose what combination of glass and wood (or other material) you prefer.

Some added designs, like the colored glass panescan truly make it yours. If you have a sun room, this is the door for you. You get the feeling of having no door at all, but with the benefits of noise reduction and insulation. Used in an office or den door, it adds a sense of elegance.

Sliding Barn Doors

3-1 Interior Door Ideas to Make Your Decor Pop

Barn doors are a hot, hot, hot in interior decorating right now. They can be rustic farmhouse, or sleek modern designs. This solution combines the best of both sliding and French doors. While they have a similar functionality to sliding glass doors, they leave a beautifully wide opening, without taking up floor space that double doors would. These doors roll right out onto the walls surrounding the doorway, leaving the maximum possible open space that any door could.

This makes barn doors a great option for small spaces, and can turn a smaller door, such as a closet or bathroom door, into a classy eye-catcher. Once again, these doors are highly customizable; you decide the material, style, color, and size. Utilize any type of glass, or no glass at all. Straight lines and dark colors create a more contemporary look, while more vibrant wood styles give a rustic and cozy feeling. For example, these pictured interior doors from ETO Doors combine a bright cherry wood with minimalist fogged glass, leaving us somewhere in between.

Custom Doors: Size, Shape, and Color

4 Interior Door Ideas to Make Your Decor Pop

If you’re looking for the top level of one-of-a-kind design, install a fully customized door to fit your home just right. This can accentuate the unique facets of your house or emphasize the general theme or style. If you have a room with tall ceilings, an exceptionally tall door will add to the largeness of the room and give a luxurious feeling, while still saving wall space.

ETO Doors can customize the size of any door to fit your needs, such as these towering wood panel double doors. A custom shape, such as an arched door, can draw attention and add character to an otherwise plain door. For smaller projects, simply paint your doors an exotic color to add contrast and complement the color scheme of the room.