A lawn mower is a tool you need to keep your lawn trimmed and tidy. But are you at the point of choosing between a push or a riding mower? Is a push mower better than a riding mower?  Lawn mowers are a necessary gardening asset, but when is a push mower better than a riding mower? This article has answers to all these questions.

We have fully highlighted when it is best to use a push lawn mower and when not to and the same for a riding lawn mower. Before we put the main question to bed, we first examine both types of mowers. Read on to know more about the best mower in Australia.

What is a Push Mower?

As the name implies, it requires being pushed by an operator. Although, there are modern designs that are self-propelled requiring little effort to steer. It is a kind of mower that you operate while standing and pushing.  Though electrical, it still requires manual pushing to achieve the mowing. Because there are fewer moving parts, there is less maintenance required for this type of mower.

Averagely, it does not cost much to buy a push lawn mower. The self-propelled ones are expectedly more expensive than the classic push mowers. These types of lawn mowers are usually started with a pull start. Now let’s see where they are best to be used.

m1 Is a Push Mower Better than a Riding Mower?

When to use Push Mower

Push mowers are best for steep locations and a not-too-large lawn area. They are also the best to use on rough terrain as there will be ease of control. The danger of rolling over as it may be with a riding mower. For steep surfaces, a self-propelled lawn mower is best.

Another superior advantage of using a push mower is giving room for mulching back the cut grass or ease of bagging them. The clippings of the mower can be directly mulched back into your lawn with the best push lawn mower in Australia. Also, some come with collection bags for bagging the clippings.

When not to use Push Mower

A push mower is generally not suited for a large space. It takes a lot of energy and time to push a classic push mower over a large lawn. You should not consider using these mowers on a lawn larger than half an acre. Self-propelled types can offer more usability but they are still not the best option for this kind of terrain.

Additionally, push mowers are not best for long and stubborn grasses. Thick and long grasses are usually too tough for push mowers to handle. You need to choose a better machine that can equal these obstacles. Now, let’s look at riding mowers.

What is a Riding Mower?

A riding mower is a powerful clearing tool that requires less energy. It mirrors a vehicular movement where an operator actually sits in it and operates it with steering just like a car. The main advantage of the riding mower is its convenience. It saves time, is easy to operate, and offers more flexibility.

This type of lawn mower is more expensive because they are more complex than simple push mowers. They are more like small tractors for mowing lawns. There is greater mobility with ride mowers with less effort required. You can get yourself one of the best ride on mower Australia.

When to use Riding Mower

Riding mowers are best used for tall and thick grasses. If you have long grasses, these mowers are capable of cutting them efficiently. Also, riding mowers are the most suitable option for a large lawn. Any land area above half an acre is best done with a riding mower. They are quicker and more powerful.

Considering the age and health status of the user, riding mowers are good for old users. Also, people with any form of mobility disability. Riding a mower is far more convenient compared to pushing a mower across your lawn.

When not to use Riding Mower

Yes, riding mowers are quicker and more powerful, but they have limitations too. Riding mowers could be stressful for a small yard because of the turning space needed for the steering. There may be less room on a small lawn for riding mowers to turn.

When operating in a steep area, a riding mower is not advisable. The increased gradient can cause a rollover that can result in fatal injuries. Mowing a rough or uneven surface can also be challenging with a riding mower. Wet grasses can be a pain in the ass for this type of mower, getting stuck in it.

Choosing Your Next Lawn Mower

The choice of a lawn mower is best answered when you consider your lawn situation. Both riding and push mowers are excellent choices when they are used in the right way. On a large even surface lawn, riding lawn mowers are preferred. But on a smaller and uneven surface, it is best to use a push mower. A self-propelled push mower is a great option.

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