The choice of an ideal career doesn’t only refer to choosing a source of income. It also means that you have to think of a professional path that will make you happy.

An ideal job is supposed to excite you over and over, motivating you to go beyond the expected results.

A career is a serious decision which requires a lot of thinking. We all have passions and personal incentives to lead us towards a satisfying career, but what it really takes are hard work and commitment.

Is interior design a good career? We would say that an interior design career path is really suitable for people who showcased their passion in simplest situations: they enjoyed rearranging their own rooms, or they constantly offered to spruce their friends’ places.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You1 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

They always had magnificent ideas to improve the aesthetics, showing an incredible eye for detail and logical solutions.

While talent remains a strong designer’s asset, his professional career will depend mostly on his efforts and his hard work.

Even the most detail-accurate and talented designers who transform every vision into reality, need to go through a formal education process which would introduce them to the tools and methods behind interior design.

Before you choose a career in interior design, have in mind that you’re settling for a new challenge every day. Is that really your cup of tea? Let’s check:

The world is your inspiration

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You2 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Cindy Rinfret

Even at the time when you had no idea about interior design, you seemed to understand space, and you inertly suggested functional solutions for challenging rooms.

Interior design career pros and cons are there to show you that work will be far from ideal, and will require constant balance between beautiful and functional structuring.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You3 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: RLH Studio

Besides, designers never lose focus from their creativity, and they discover a possibility in everything they see.

They are never ‘off duty’, since they estimate every place they go to (their friends’ place, a new restaurant, etc), and they always seem to have a better prospect on how the place should look.

Education doesn’t end with a bachelor’s degree

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You4 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

A bachelor’s degree in interior design is a logical precursor to a design career, which enables future professionals to deal with different spaces, and to pursue safe solutions.

However, obtaining this degree is only the beginning, and there are a lot of things left for a designer to learn.

Go for nothing less than the best, choosing a university/college which is accredited, and that will really help you develop extraordinary skills.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You5 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Grossman Photography

You need to be sure that once you’ve received your diploma, people will be able to trust you even without the appropriate experience.

School and private courses are also good, but all they could do for you is to provide ideas and directions. That’s why they are also an important part of an interior designer’s education.

What really matters is not to stop learning after you’ve obtained your bachelor’s degree. Postgraduate programs will help you keep up with the latest trends and concepts, and to build a recognizable profile of a designer who is really willing to improve. Extra-curricular seminars and courses are always welcomed.

If you want to start your career as an interior designer but don’t have any experience, check out Jooble; there are many vacancies for interior designers with no experience.

Independent learner

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You6 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Habachy Designs

Disciplined and interested designers could be their own teachers: a little bit of motivation and ability to deal with different tasks could really help you to become a professional.

Independent learners rely on their talent and intuition, and they become really professional even without formal education. We’re not implying that a self-learner can know everything that interior students do, but with serious commitment he could come really close to it. Here are some precious tips of self-learning beginners:

  • Purchase interior design books, and learn the most important terms
  • Follow popular catalogues and magazines to discover the recent trends and techniques.
  • Talk to local professionals and familiarize with measurements and calculations.
  • Practice at home, or in every other place you have available.
  • Go to a library or a bookstore, and look for books that can help you learn how to incorporate and to balance elements.

Interior design is not always entertaining

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You7 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Stonewood, LLC

As modern as it is, interior design is a tough science: there is a long history of concepts, methods and integrity they need to be learned.

Besides, there is a strong connection to other sciences, such as ergonomics, coding, spatial concepts, psychology, ethics, and art. A modern designer is also supposed to do computer drawing, and to master programs such as CAD, Illustrator, and many others.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You8 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Lompier Interior Group

Another challenging circumstance is to obtain the necessary trade skills. There is a strong competition in the world of design, which is why professionals benefit from every extra skill they can obtain.

They are expected to work with homeowners, but also companies, government officials, constructors, and architects. As you can guess, all of them would expect some well-rounded knowledge of their expectations.

One of the things you’re supposed to know by default is to balance between residential and commercial projects.

You might want to specialize in a single area, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged to present your skills in other types of places. The key to success is to understand everybody’s requirements, and to be able to deal with every challenge.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You9 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

Once on the ‘interior design board’, be sure that you will find yourself in every of these design situations:

  • Designing homes – you would have to design apartments, houses, studios, and every similar place which people use as their home. Sometimes, you will come up with an original solution for a new building, or rearrange an already established design.
  • Designing workplaces – it encompasses offices, factories, and all similar working spaces. This sphere is fairly challenging, because you will be expected to design something creative, but also innovative and functional.
  • Designing temporary exhibitions– we might be discussing the dream, but also the biggest challenge of every designer. It means that you are supposed to create original designs for public places that are frequented by thousands of people (museums, galleries, etc).
  • Commercial design– both malls and retail stores look the way they look thanks to talented designers. A good designer is also likely to be hired for designing conference halls, meeting rooms,
  • Designing leisure space – sometimes, you’ll be expected to design theatres, cinemas, or health centers.
  • Hospitality sphere– hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, or clubs always strive towards uniqueness, which is why they are ready to invest crazy amounts of money to discover the designer that could help them achieve that.
  • Education – you would have to design kindergartens, schools, and universities
  • Healthcare – a part of your task may also be hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, and private clinics.

Working with people

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You10 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Moda Interiors

One of the crucial factors for a successful career in design is networking. To start with, a great designer is expected to communicate with his local colleagues, and to stay informed on every new technique/requirement.

Besides, a friendly colleague could help you overcome every difficulty, and advise you on every project that is new or unfamiliar. This exchange of opinions is just precious for an interior designer.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You11 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: VSP Interiors

Once you accept a project, work closely with other involved people, from the project manager to the architects and builders.

The reason is the existence of codes that need to be kept, which make a design project a group tasks, rather than an individual one.

Is-Interior-Design-A-Good-Career-For-You12 Is Interior Design A Good Career For You?Image source: Oliver Burns

Finally, a great designer is supposed to mitigate (discover what his clients really want), and to find a way to fulfill clients’ needs and expectations.

People need to believe that they are in control of their design choices, instead of hiring a self-convinced designer who relies on his own ideas.

Most of the time, people recommend designers who can be trusted and relied on, and such that really struggle to balance between wishes and real-term possibilities. All of this shows us that the work of one designer is not easy at all.