Do you ever feel like your home needs a makeover? Giving your home a new look can be easily done, and it can be done affordably. Changing a few interiors and adding something new to your home can completely transform any room in your home. From lighting to textures to patterns to moving furniture around, a room that was once a bit drab can dramatically become a beautifully designed place.

What needs to be changed?

Is it your wallpaper in your living room? Maybe new curtains? Changing a lamp shade, the color of paint on the wall, hanging up a piece of art, adding some decor or perhaps a new coffee table can entirely change your home. First, figure out what needs to be changed. What in your home design wise is bothering you. Once you discover what needs to be changed about your home then begin working on giving your home a makeover.


A different color of paint on the walls of a room can make a room feel large and spacious. A different color of paint on the walls can also make a room feel small and dark. If you are bold enough to shake up a room in your home with a different color of paint, know the essentials of painting a room. First, make sure all the furniture and anything else in the room is covered. You’d hate to get a piece of furniture ruined from a drop of paint. Prime before paint.

Using a primer first will help the application and appearance of your paint job. Speaking to a professional at a paint store you can learn from then how much paint you will need for your room size. Paint downwards. You should start from the ceiling and move down the wall. No streaking will occur as long as you do not go over painted spaces. Allow for the wall to dry completely. If you have the creativity and talent to create a design, then go ahead and create your design on freshly painted wall.

The Floor

chairs-2181947_960_720 Is It Time For A Makeover

If painting seems a bit extreme to you, try changing up what you have placed on the floor. Yes, the floor and the items placed on it can remarkably change the appearance of a room. The type of flooring you have makes a room. Prints, colors, and textures of flooring all have a different vibe for a room. Some flooring is more suitable for a bathroom and some types of flooring is more suitable for a bedroom. Depending on the purpose of the floor should determine the type of flooring you have in your room.

The cozy feel of carpet makes for great flooring in bedrooms Some people prefer this type of flooring in their study or playroom. In rooms where you want to create an inviting, cozy feel have chairs, sofas and of course a bed for your bedroom. Soft pillows and blankets are perfect for these rooms. Soft textures, no heavy lightening, keep away from too many dark colors and create these spaces as comfortable and peaceful.

In areas of your home where you prefer flooring like hardwood having an accent rug can create a sense of comfort in certain parts of that room. Having a rug under a coffee table or table or even bed can create a sense of comfort. It is popular to have flooring in a bedroom besides carpet and have an area rug underneath the bed. Floor lamps and home decor are great items to put on the floors of your rooms to change the look of them. Full length mirrors should be in your closets.


Small touches like a floral arrangement or hanging a clock up on a wall are small but major changes that can completely change the way a room looks in your home. Have a variety of color in your home to keep things interesting. Not too much color though because you want to avoid making your home seem to busy with color. Tiny House, Huge Ideas website can lead you in the right direction of selecting interiors that give the rooms in your home a makeover. Making over your home does not have to be costly. It can be affordable. A makeover can be as simple or as major as you want. A makeover can be a fun project where you get to create your home the exact way you want.