Our bedrooms are our last and final refuge. It’s a place of rest, relaxation, and one of the home’s most personal and private areas. As such, it is important that it always brings you relaxation and that it remains one of the most perfect rooms in your home. After renting or owning your house for years, you might often realize that it looks the same as it did when you moved in. In these cases, it’s important to modernize and update your bedroom and keep it as a place to rest your head and not a place that generates headaches.

Your Furniture Is Old or Broken

It is only natural to focus on couches, sofas, and tables when getting new furniture, but you should also take a look at your bedroom when shopping. Your bed and other bedroom furniture is something that sees use daily, and unlike a slightly sagging couch, an uncomfortable or broken bed can seriously impact your sleep. And by extension, it can also affect your day-to-day interactions.

Another issue is that it can be hard to know how often to buy a new mattress, but a good rule of thumb is to try and pace it with a couch or sofa, as they may see nearly equal levels of use. If you do need a new bed, consider if it may be best to go for a bigger size or if you want a whole new bedroom set! Buying a new bedroom set may seem expensive, but most furniture companies offer two or three sales a year that can cut the price in half and have you paying less than $50 a month for your furniture.

There Is a Clear Lack of Organization

Photos, clothes, blankets, throw pillows, and other personal keepsakes are just some of the items that can start to clutter up a bedroom. You’re probably used to seeing the mess in your bedroom as “controlled chaos,” but controlled chaos is only one step away from pure chaos. The more you let it get out of control, the more stressful it can get for you, as well.

One day, you might open your closet and realize your things have no real order. Your favorite luxury crossbody bag is stuffed into the corner with the winter clothes, and your favorite shirts have more wrinkles than crumpled paper. In such a case, a renovation can serve as an opportunity to focus on and organize your bedroom. Best of all, this reset allows for you to develop new systems so that your controlled chaos doesn’t become absolute chaos as quickly next time.

Your Household Has Changed

New additions to your home – whether they’re in the form of a long-term partner or a new child – are both excellent ways to encourage yourself to have that long-overdue renovation. In terms of new relationships, this may mean that you need to buy a bigger bed if they will be sharing it with you all the time or purchasing new bedding sets based on their preferred colors or patterns.

At the very least, a new child will require room in your bedroom for a crib for at least the first few years until you move them into a nursery or bedroom or upgrade to a bigger home. This might mean you need to move your shoe corner into the closet, or you might have to move around the heap where you toss your dirty laundry. Use this momentum to spur you on to make all the stylistic changes you want, as well.

A Move Has Changed Your Space

While it is not a constant flux, a move will be a very significant reason to restyle and renovate your bedroom. In some cases, the bedroom might be larger, and it’ll allow you to spread out more or have room for furniture you wanted in your previous residence. Likewise, sometimes it is a downgrade, and you may be struggling to fit a queen bed into a small room. However, make sure to fit your designs into your space and not over-clutter.

You Don’t Like the Way It Looks Anymore

People’s likes and dislikes change frequently, and it’s not a big deal if this applies to your bedroom as well. Whether it is because of a negative emotional association with your bedroom or if it just isn’t the style you like anymore, it’s perfectly fine to change your room. Always remember your room is a safe and comfortable place, and if you need to change some colors or furniture to keep it that way, it’s a relatively small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things.

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