Propane gas is becoming a hot topic in home heating because of how much it offers the environment and how evenly it can heat properties. However, the main thing most people are concerned about is how much it would affect their wallets.

Fortunately, if you’re considering making the switch, there’s some good news in store for you!  These are the top things to know about propane and why it could be your best bet.

What Is Propane Heat?

Propane heats your home by using propane gas to fire up appliances, fireplaces, boilers, and more. Just like natural gas, it’s colorless and odorless before being treated.  The scent that’s added ensures that you’ll notice if there’s a leak, but for most homeowners, there’s no risk of a leak or incident as long as it’s well taken care of.  Labeled as a green energy source, it’s become increasingly popular for those concerned about the environment.

How Well Does It Heat?

Propane heats incredibly evenly.  Instead of trying to play a game of turning off and on constantly to ensure a near-level base temperature is kept, Propane heats your home to exactly the right temperature and holds it there.  This smooth and simple heating diminishes how much it has to run and has a large influence on how affordable it is.

Is It Common To Find?

Propane is available in most cities and many rural areas, and is now becoming even more known with propane delivery options.  This ensures you don’t have to drive out to pick it up or try to transport it in any way. Instead, companies can switch out your tanks for you and even time it so that your levels never get too low.

How Safe Is It?

Propane is completely safe as long as it’s used intelligently.  Because of the added scent, you’ll be able to tell when there’s an issue or leak.  Another excellent option to keep in your home is one or two detectors to alert you if they sense a leak of any kind.

Propane is extremely safe and reliable.  Although some without experience with it might get nervous about natural gas, it’s an option that shouldn’t be passed over.  Instead, please pay attention when you use things like stoves and ovens that you turn off after use and that you keep an eye on the tank levels so that it never gets too low.  Propane is an incredibly safe energy source as long as it’s used with common sense.

Is It Cheaper?

Propane is cheaper to use than electric heat!  The best part of it is that propane heats evenly so that it doesn’t have to run constantly or turn off and on to keep the temperatures where you want them.  It can take some getting used to, but it’s worth it for all of the perks that come with this type of heat.

There’s a learning curve with any change, but don’t let that scare you away from propane!  This is the best option for most homeowners, even if you’ve never considered it before!

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