Noticed some water stains on the ceiling? Feeling a draft? Read on to learn some surefire signs that you need a new roof!

The roof above our heads is a pretty big deal. Knowing what signs to look for when it comes to determining if you need a new roof is important to avoid an unexpected situation. If you have been noticing funny things on your ceiling or feeling sudden drafts, these might be signs that you are in need of a roof replacement.

Keep reading to see if you are dealing with any of the signs below.

  1. Wind Damage

If you recently had a few wind storms then you want to look for wind damage. Climb up to your roof to look for any visual signs of lifted shingles. Strong wind typically will lift up shingles by lifting the nail holding the shingle down.

When shingles are lifted it might also loosen the sealant on the shingles which means that your roof will need to be replaced. The best way to know whether you need a few shingles after a wind storm or an entire roof replacement is by contacting a professional like

  1. Roof Age

If your roof is over 20 years old then this is a sign that it might be time to replace your roof. If you are not 100% sure how old your roof is because you bought the house in recent years then keep an eye out on what your neighbors are doing with their roof.

If you start seeing multiple neighbors changing their roofs then it might be time for you to contact a pro to see what they advise.

  1. Curling

If you climb up on your roof and notice some of your shingles curling then it might be time to replace the entire roof. There are a few causes of shingles curling, typically it is their age.

Sometimes the shingles curl because when they were first installed they were not lined up properly or installed correctly. If you know that your attic has poor ventilation or you have a roof that is layered and your shingles begin to curl, it might be time to have your roof checked out by a pro to be safe.

  1. Water Damage

You can also look for signs of a roof acting up by inspecting inside your home. Look up at the ceiling and check for any dark stains or any leaks. Also, look for any spots that are sagging, or rotten areas.

These are all signs that your roof has water damage. These are also signs that you do not want to ignore for even a minute. Even if you think it is a small leak or tiny spot, trust us it will get worse rather than better if you choose to ignore it.

Your roof might have areas that are not doing their job and are not covering and protecting your home correctly.

  1. Moss

While moss does not necessarily mean that you need to replace your entire roof, it can be trouble if it is ignored. The same applies to any fungi or algae that you notice on your roof. Any of these are an indication that there is moisture trapped somewhere in the roof which if left untouched for too long can ruin your roof.

If you catch it early enough a good pressure wash and moss prevention spray are enough but, if you do not catch it on time your entire roof will need to be replaced.

If you find out that you do need a new roof because of this issue you might want to consider getting a metal roof installed instead of shingles. Metal is resistant to mildew, moss, and algae. If you are totally in love with the shingle look you can opt for metal shingles instead of metal slabs.

  1. Hail Storms

If you dealt with hail storms over the winter then it is time to climb up and inspect your roof. You want to look for any punctures or tears that the hail causes. Anything like this will knock granules off the surface of the shingle that was affected.

Whenever these granules are lost UV rays will slowly begin to destroy the entire shingle. Eventually, more of those protective granules will fall and create more chaos on your shingles. You definitely want to call an inspector if you had hail storms, to let you know whether your roof needs to be replaced or not.

  1. Rust

If you notice that your roof has a few rust spots then this might be from nails that were exposed. If those nails are left untouched for too long, the rust will eventually break down the shingles. Once they are broken down you might end up with a leaky roof.

Something as simple as exposed nails going for too long can end up costing you thousands of dollars. This is why doing a visual inspection on a monthly basis is a smart way to stay on top of any issues that come up.

Is It Time for You to Get a New Roof?

Now that you are aware of the top signs to look for when it comes to whether you need a new roof or not, do you still think you might need a new roof? Make sure to stay calm if you do think you need a new roof and get a second opinion. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that you do not need one just yet.

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