Do you live in a busy house? Or are certain family members noisier than others? Perhaps you’re often bothered by external noise ruining your relaxation. Well, there’s one thing that can increase the comfort levels in your home dramatically. If you’ve ever considered soundproofing walls in your home, there’s actually a better solution.

Acoustic insulation is a higher density than normal insulation, therefore offering great sound absorption in your home. Unlike other soundproofing techniques, you can also get all the other benefits of insulation, like greater temperature control and reduced energy bills!

Here’s how acoustic insulation can help you.

Block Out the Outside World

You don’t need to live next to a highway or in a busy city to be irritated by outdoor noise. While those are certainly high noise areas to live, even the average suburban household experiences annoyance with external noise. Neighbours, dogs, cars – all these things can be annoying while you’re trying to relax inside.

By adding high-quality insulation to your external walls, you can block out some of that noise. Your neighbours might be lovely people, but that doesn’t mean you want their noise filtering into your home. So, grab some good wall insulation, and relax in comfort.

Keep Household Noise Where it Belongs

You can even use acoustic insulation in your internal walls to minimise sound travelling within the home. It’s especially helpful if you’ve got multiple living areas or kids who like to listen to music or watch TV in their bedrooms.

The days of the whole family sitting around the one TV are gone, and people like to do their own thing. The problem is, thin walls means sound travels everywhere and we all end up getting on each other’s nerves. By installing acoustic grade wall insulation, you can help keep household noise in one place, and people can do their own thing more comfortably.

Reduce ‘Walking Noise’

If you’ve got exposed floorboards, it’s not as easy to limit the sound of footsteps in your home. However, many floor types, such as carpet, already offer a layer of sound absorption. You can increase that by installing underfloor insulation.

Underfloor insulation isn’t as thick as what you’d use in your walls and ceilings, but it can certainly have a sound-absorbing effect. You also get the added benefits of stopping warm or cool air escaping through your floor, so you really can’t lose. With great soundproofing under your floor, it won’t sound like a herd of elephants when the kids are running through the house!

What’s the Best Soundproofing Insulation?

When one of your main insulation goals is soundproofing, you need products made for maximum acoustic performance. You can find specialist ranges of insulation that are a higher density, yet still soft and easy to install. Generally, you’ll find varying density levels, such as Basic, Ultra and High Density, so you can make the choice that’s best for your home.

No matter which option you choose, ask your local professionals about the best products for acoustic performance. You’ll be able to take back the sanctuary and peace of your home in no time.