If you thought that choosing a toilet would be a simple business you would be wrong! There are so many different kinds of toilets on the market that finding the right one to suit your needs can be exceptionally challenging. There are lots of mounting types, bowl shapes and flushing methods out there, so selecting one that would not only meet your requirements but also fit into your bathroom isn’t as easy as you might imagine.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you choose the right toilet for you.

Measure Your Space

interior-of-bathroom-in-cold-tone-171237652-57fcf4be3df78c690f804597 Is Your Toilet The Right One For You?

You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a toilet that won’t fit in your bathroom. If you have a compact or awkwardly-shaped room, you could find that you need to select a different shaped toilet bowl from the one that you’d prefer. You need to measure the available space before you even go shopping.

Flush Performance

The performance of the flush is a key element of choosing any toilet. Nobody wants to have to deal with the issue of a clogging toilet or one which requires several flushes to get rid of waste properly. You can check out the test results from MaP online which will let you know how good the flush of your preferred toilet is before you buy.

Which Design is Right For You?

There are wall mounted, two piece and one piece toilets for you to choose from. Although the 2-piece toilet is most commonly seen, the other options are rising in popularity. A single piece toilet will have the lid, bowl and tank combined in a single unit.

This brings excellent advantages in the form of fewer leaks, ease of cleaning and a sleeker appearance. On the downside, however, they’re more costly. Wall mounted toilets are very stylish and convenient, however they are also more expensive and harder to install and maintain.

Which Shape Of Bowl?

bathroom-etiquette-today-151218-stock-tease_c005dacb6b98ccce507fb6856625d4be Is Your Toilet The Right One For You?

There are both round and elongated bowl shapes available. An elongated bowl is around 3” bigger at the front than a round bowl and could be up to 31” in length. This may take up too much room in a small bathroom. However, those who have physical impairments or who are elderly may prefer the larger seat for its additional support.

Elongated bowls are also better at preventing odors and retain less waste however you may find you have less choice of toilet seats when it comes to choosing one to suit your bathroom. To learn more information about the different kinds of toilet seat available, you can go online to find out more.

What Height?

A standard toilet will be around 15” from the floor to seat. This is often a good height, however if you’re extra tall a higher seat may be necessary. Seats of 17” in height are “comfort height” toilets which are well suited to those with disabilities or the elderly.

What About A Dual-Flush?

Your toilet uses as much as 30% of all the water use in your home. Water conserving toilets aren’t always very effective however, but a dual flush could solve your problems. With a dual flush, you can select the amount of water required to clear the waste, saving you water and helping you to do your bit for the environment.

Pressure Assisted Or Gravity?
A traditionally designed toilet is a gravity toilet. By storing water inside a tank which is higher up than its bowl, the water is pulled down into the toilet bowl via gravity. A pressure assisted toilet, on the other hand, is quite a new concept. Although it will look like a traditional toilet, there will be an additional tank inside the main tank. This will hold water which is kept under pressure. Whenever the toilet is flushed, the water will be forced out at a higher speed. If you want a good clean of the bowl and reduced water usage, a pressure assisted toilet could be right for you however they are more costly. They can also be more difficult to repair should a problem occur.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that choosing a toilet needn’t be the challenge that you expected.