What is the peculiarity of Turkish apartments? Is it profitable to buy a real estate for sale in Alanya? Of course, it should be mentioned that in Turkey it is common to buy properties through agencies. Even furnished apartments are often sold not by the owners who bought it, but by the developer.

Another key difference is the peculiarity of the interior, the attitude to styles, the placement of bathrooms, as well as the selection of furniture. Let’s focus on this topic in more detail.

Layouts in Turkey

The square footage of Turkish real estate for a two- or three-bedroom apartment is 110 square meters. It should be understood that a two-bedroom apartment means two bedrooms and a kitchen combined with a living room, or a separate kitchen, and a separate lounge room.

There is unspoken information that the increased footage is due to the fact that Turks often live in families of several generations: a family with children lives together with the parents of a husband or wife, as it is customary according to tradition. Besides, Turks can live with his parents even after 30-40 years, if they have not married before that time.

Houseowner bathroom

It is not uncommon to see a bathroom in a Turkish apartment, the entrance to which is carried out exclusively from one bedroom — the largest of all. Such a layout is found both in residential projects in Istanbul and in small resort towns. Usually, the houseowner bathroom is found in «2+ 1», 3+1 and «4+1» layouts, where there is also a shared bathroom and a guest toilet.

Love of balconies and terraces

In Turkey, there is a special love for balconies, so even in a small apartment there can be one balcony and another terrace, where there is a summer dining area. The area of such a zone is about10 square meters. Usually, when buying a Turkish apartment, the square footage of balconies does not go into the total area, but when buying the «gross» category, the square footage is indicated together with the balcony square meters.

Classification of interior styles

Of course, Turks are familiar with Art Deco, minimalism and Scandinavian styles. However, other classifications are adopted, as it is also used by professional interior designers.

For instance, the concept of «avant-garde» includes neoclassical and classical styles, as well as Art Deco, Rococo and Palace styles. The «avant-garde» style will always represent the synthesis in the best traditions of eclecticism.

Modern style in Turkey means all kinds of functional, minimalistic and other modern styles, including Scandinavian. At the same time, on one half such a design will be designed in the style of modern trends, and on the other half it will be in Scandinavian style with light shades.

Loft style is also present in Turkey. When creating an interior in this direction, local designers tend to the loft options preferred in Hong Kong and Singapore, where minimalism with the details of other modern trends becomes the basis.

In general, we can say that Turkish housing is always distinguished by style and elegance. Locals love beauty in everything and apartments are no exception.

Our assistance in choosing real estate in Turkey

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