Summer is undoubtedly one of the best seasons in Malta. Not only can you fully enjoy the tropical island, but you can also make the most out of your day. From basking in the sun while strolling the sandy beach to fun and lively activities, there’s just so many things to keep you busy.

While it’s true that summer here is enjoyable, it can also be somewhat uncomfortable. With temperatures rising over 40°C, it can easily ruin a perfect day and might even force you to just stay at home.

For many locals, investing in a good air conditioning unit for their houses is the best and easiest solution to keep themselves comfortable, especially during summer.

However, choosing the right air conditioning system can be stressful and confusing at the same time. With all the various types of units available on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices.

Good thing there are plenty of professionals and service companies that offer assistance in picking the appropriate air conditioner based on your needs.

Renergy Limited, for instance, offers a wide array of air conditioning systems in Malta. From small residential units to large-scale industrial and commercial systems, they definitely have something that can satisfy your cooling needs.


home-air-conditioning Keeping Cool In Malta With The Right Air Conditioning

Cooling your house is more complicated than you actually think. There are certain factors that you have to consider first before actually purchasing an air conditioner unit. Although there are professionals out there that can help with your choice, it’s still best to know a thing or two about which one is suitable for your home.

To choose the right air conditioner, you might want to follow these simple tips:


The-ultimate-in-Samsung-air-care Keeping Cool In Malta With The Right Air Conditioning

You may not know it, but there are different types of air conditioners on the market today. Depending on your needs, make sure to check on these options first before making your purchase. The three main types of air conditioning units are window, central, and ductless.


Another essential factor to consider when choosing an air conditioner unit is its energy efficiency. Typically, cooling systems are rated based on how efficient they are regarding energy expenditure. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is. Newer models are usually the ones with the highest efficiency rating, but they also tend to be more expensive. However, your electricity bill is guaranteed to decrease significantly, so it’s definitely worth the money.


A bigger air conditioner doesn’t necessarily mean it can cool down your home better. In fact, bigger systems tend to automatically turn off and on more often than smaller ones, thus increasing the amount of power consumption. It is worth noting that the size of your air conditioner should not be solely based on the size of a room. You must also consider other factors, such as insulation, cooling load, and window sizes.


Most households in Malta are budget conscious, which is not a bad thing at all. However, you might want to go over your budget and invest in a good air conditioning unit. Sure, it’s going to be pricey up front, but the money you can save from lower electricity bill can definitely make up to it sooner than you expected. You should also consider the maintenance costs of the air conditioning unit that you will buy. More expensive ones tend to be more durable and don’t require too much upkeep.


bg06 Keeping Cool In Malta With The Right Air Conditioning

There are various types of air conditioning systems depending on your needs. In Malta, some of the most common air conditioners you can find in a residential area include window, central, and ductless. Take a closer look at each type and see which one is suitable for you.


This type of air conditioning system is very common in Malta. Many residential buildings around the country opt for this kind of air conditioner as it can easily and efficiently cool down larger rooms. Central type air conditioner has an outdoor condenser, an air handler with evaporator coils, a blower, and ductwork that goes through the room. Normally, installing this kind of air conditioning system requires proper planning and sizing beforehand.


This kind of unit is almost similar to a central air conditioner. It also has a condenser and an air handler inside the house. Ductless type air conditioner can have as much as four indoor handling units, which are all connected to the outdoor unit. This is advantageous to those who want to cool down multiple rooms at once.


This compact air conditioner unit is considered the most affordable yet less efficient among the other two. Typically, it is installed in the window and can cool down a single room. This type of cooling system is ideal for small houses.