Your bedroom should be the most tranquil, calming, and peaceful place in the house.  We tend to focus all our design efforts on the areas that we can show to our friends – like kitchen, living room, bathroom – and we keep forgetting that the bedroom is supposed to be our space to unwind after a stressful day.  Since modern life has a significant impact on our mental and physical health, the bedroom should be all about us and what suits us the best! We have to invest in our quality of life, and that starts with investing in good night sleep.

Follow our tips and make your bedroom a calm and relaxing retreat.

Get rid of things and go back to basics.

Chaos has no place in the bedroom. Go through every drawer, shelf, and corner to inspect whether you need all the items. Get rid of random stuff piling around the room. The same goes for furniture. You don’t have to take it all out, but consider trimming away some furniture you don’t really need. If you have a small bedroom, you need to have as much storage as possible. Try having a trunk you can put things away in at the end of the bed (you can use it also as a bench). For extra space, use storage boxes under the bed or maximize your space by elevating stuff off of the floor and adding shelves. Once you are done decluttering, you’ll instantly start to feel calmer and happier.

Invest in a proper bed, mattress, and bedding.

The bed is often the focal point of a bedroom. Position your bed so that it’s one of the first things you see when you walk into the room. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a bed or bed frame so that you can choose from something flashy to something a little more old-school and vintage — all depending on your taste.  But remember, a peaceful looking bed is an excellent way to evoke calming vibes in the room.

Since the mattress is your most-used piece of furniture in the entire house, make sure you invest in one. But how do you know? It is quite easy since we all feel comfortable with different types of mattresses (and pillows, for that matter). If it matches your body and gives you the rest you need, it’s probably the right one.  One thing is sure – you will never understand the value of investing in the best mattress until you have slept in one.

Choose bedding that feels good on your skin. Cotton is usually an excellent choice since it is comfortable and cheap. Cotton sheets are soft and quickly absorb moisture, thus allowing the body to stay warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

Use a calming color palette.

When it comes to the bedroom, more refreshing shades are better. They provide a calming and softer effect on the room. Muted hues of blue are considered the most conducive to sleep. Also, cool shades of gray promote rest, while warm tones can often be energizing and more likely to keep you up at night.

Interior designers advice to have color repeated at least two or three times throughout in a subtle way so it all blends. So if you choose yellow as your accent color, for example, make sure your throws, pillows, and area rug all have hints of yellow. And don’t be afraid to use a pattern. You don’t want to have everything solid. It would be too dull. However, also be careful, you don’t want to have everything patterned because then it would be too chaotic. Balance is everything.

The right lights.

Good lighting in your room is a must. If you have access to natural light, make that window the focal point of the room. Use curtains that can easily floor your room with light. If your bedroom doesn’t get much sunlight, find a warm lampshade or lightbulb. This way, you can create some soothing mood lighting to your liking.

The right temperature.

Our bodies naturally cool off when we fall asleep. Our internal temperature in the early afternoon is usually at its highest, and around 5 a.m. at it’s lowest. Thus, helping keep your body get faster to that lower temperature can encourage a more profound and better sleep. Keep the temperature room comfortably fresh—between 60 and 75°F.  Check your bedroom air quality regularly since it affects your sleep. To make sure you have enough fresh air during the day, keep your room well ventilated.

No work in the bedroom and keep electronics out!

Sometimes it can be impossible to leave work at the office altogether, and having a desk in the bedroom can completely ruin a relaxing atmosphere. For this reason, do your best to keep work and stress out of your bedroom. Also, keep the computer, tablet, cellphone, and TV-out! Not only because your bedroom must be your Zen place, but because blue/white light is a stimulant that boosts attention. This is not a benefit you want as you are falling asleep. Total darkness at bedtime is best for securing a good night’s sleep.

The cozy details

Cozy rugs – If your bedroom floors are hardwood, find yourself a small carpet to put right by your bed. Rugs have a unique way of binding together all the elements of a place. Interior designers use them, especially when they want to pull together various colors used in the décor. The rug helps space feel grounded. When properly placed, it can help anchor the furniture in a room and helps to create a cozy and intimate space.

Most importantly, rugs provide a sense of calm into space, both for body and energy. Fast-flowing energy can generate a feeling of chaos in your home. Since energy travels slowly over soft surfaces, an area rug is ideal for slowing the energy and reducing the feelings of excitability or anxiety in a room.

The perfect scent – Get yourself some calming lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass oil, and use a diffuser to help keep the scent flowing. Put a candle that you love on your bedstand and make a ritual out of lighting it an hour before bed. Soon you’ll start to associate it with your bedtime rituals and will help you quickly relax and easily fall asleep.

Get a plant – Having a living green thing in your room can enhance your disposition. Succulents are best. Put the plant somewhere you can see it from the bed. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it gives you a little bit of responsibility that will help you stay invested in your room.