Whether you’re planning to do a major kitchen renovation this year, or are in the midst of designing a brand new house, it’s important to stay up to date on trends. In particular, since the kitchen is such a well-used part of the home, and the appliances you choose are not only expensive but also something you’ll have for a long time, you want to be sure you select the right pieces. To help you with this, read on for some key trends in kitchen appliances you need to know about in 2019.

Smart Devices

With the continual rise in the popularity and supply of smart-home devices these days, it’s no wonder that one of the key trends we’re seeing in kitchen appliances is that of internet-connected products. If you’re preparing to buy new kitchen appliances this year, be on the lookout for goods which talk to each other effectively and which will make your life easier in turn.

Connected appliances can make things like grocery shopping, cooking, meal time and even cleanup simpler. Appliances can sync together to get timers working together and appliances and lights turning on and performing automatically, and much more.

Black Stainless Steel or Ice White Appliances

While stainless steel has been the go-to choice in appliances for many years, in 2019 there is a big trend towards either sleek black steel or ice white appliances. Shiny metal seems to have had its day; now buyers are looking to warmer, bolder black. Black always looks classy, is often easier to clean, and suits a variety of home types and consumer ages and décor tastes.

If, though, you’ve always been someone who appreciates the cleanliness appeal of bright whites, you’ll be pleased to see the growth in ice white appliances. White is actually one of the top color choices for 2019 in the arena of kitchen pieces. Whirlpool, for instance, has brought out a new line of appliances for the kitchen and called it their “Ice Collection”.

Updated Refrigeration

It seems likes refrigerators have been reasonably similar in design for the past five or more years. Today, though, they’re having a reboot. In particular, there is a trend towards column refrigeration where buyers can mix and match their fridge and freezer according to their own personal tastes and needs. For example, people can add extra fridge room if that’s what they use more of. Plus, fridges are increasingly being designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

The latest technology is also having an impact. Many products now come complete with tech such as varied temperature zones, odor seals, and blast chillers. With more and more consumers concentrating on how they can preserve freshness and throw out less food each month, fridges are being built to better keep different foods at individual, optimal temperatures. Many devices are also helping with food preservation by cleaning the air inside spaces every 20 minutes and absorbing odors, bacteria and ethylene.

More Functional Ovens

Ovens are becoming ever more functional and user-friendly, too. For example, the older style bottom-hinge doors are on the way out. Now, rather than people have to hunch and reach over, numerous oven manufacturers are designing gadgets which have side openings. These are not only easier to use (for those in wheelchairs or with coordination problems and other physical challenges in particular), but they also look more streamlined and modern.

Bolder Color Choices

Apart from the growth in black and in white appliances, as mentioned above, there is also more focus this year on bolder color choices in general. Consumers seem keen to stop playing it safe, and are now more interested in adding a splash of color to their cooking and eating areas. Bright hues in all sorts of shades, and even pastel colors, are coming to the forefront, in everything from fridges, microwaves and ovens, through to kettles, taps, sinks, toasters and more.

Steam Cooking

Another fast-growing trend set to continue is that of steam cooking. As so many shoppers are interested in healthy cooking and living nowadays, appliances are being designed to follow suit. Steam ovens are especially having a moment. Steam is a beneficial way of cooking as it’s versatile, can both power and sanitize ovens, and usually leads to quicker cooking times (since steam is hotter than a traditional oven).

When using electric ovens which produce a dry heat, people have to bake food with extra fat or baste items during cooking. However, when steaming instead, because hot, pressurized steam is used, this maintains moisture in food without the need for additional fat. In addition, steam cooking is said to retain more nutrients in food, when compared with electric cooking. This all adds up to healthier cooking and a win for consumers.