An exceptional kitchen remodel increases the beauty, functionality, and, most critically, your happiness in one of the most visited spaces in your home. An updated kitchen scheme can also boost the real estate value of your home. So, how do you maximize your budget and efficiency when considering a kitchen redesign? The solution could be cabinet refacing.

Why Should You Consider Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing, alternatively referred to as cabinet resurfacing, is a crucial budget-saving procedure that has transformed many kitchens for years. This beneficial process can save an extraordinary sum of money — potentially up to 50% compared to all-new cabinetry.

Is cabinet refacing the right path for you to take in your remodel?

Are you happy with your current kitchen design? Are your existing cabinet boxes physically intact and solid? Do you have enough storage for all of your needs? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in luck. You would probably benefit from cabinet refacing. If, however, you’re in the market for a total kitchen redo or customized kitchen cabinets, then new cabinetry may be the best kitchen updating path to take. If that is the case, make sure you try a highly-respected site like Walcraft Cabinetry, Valley Cabinets, or Kitchen Craft Cabinets.

How do you know which refacing companies are good?

You’ll need to be careful, as not every cabinet refacing company provides high-quality services. Some renovation companies may just adhere a single sheet of laminate or veneer on top of your current cabinet panels. But, when subpar laminate or veneer ages, rips or begins to peel, the homeowner is left without hope for help — and not many ways to fix it.

You’ll want to find kitchen cabinet companies that use top-notch materials, consistently expert installations, and customer service that backs you up. You’ll want double layers: cabinet surfaces should come with a last sheet of laminate or natural wood refacing material. The result is a solid, sophisticated, and robust appearance that changes your kitchen into an extraordinary place.

Resurfacing cabinets and enhancing kitchens with your own style

Another bonus of cabinet refacing is you can use it as an opportunity to enhance other areas of the kitchen. When you are searching for cabinets online, as well as cabinet refacing, you can choose from a wide variety of cabinet designs and colors. You can find ceiling-high cabinetry, Shaker cabinets, and cabinet organizers on many sites today. You can add cabinet pulls, knobs, and other hardware online.

Save time by refacing

Many homeowners who choose the route of cabinet refacing save significant chunks of time compared to complete remodels. By refacing kitchen cabinets yourself or turning to a professional, you can cut down on both expenses and time, freeing up your budget for other needs.

Whether you have existing grey kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, or Shaker kitchen cabinets, you can reface them to bring them back to life. Visit Walcraft or similar sites to learn more about all things cabinets.

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