When you want to give your eating space a new look, follow the best kitchen design rules. Here’s a guide on how to redesign a kitchen.

When it comes to how to redesign a kitchen, there are a few important kitchen design rules you’ll want to keep in mind.

From the layout to the types of cabinets you have, each little detail can play a role in how well your kitchen functions. Just because a kitchen looks pretty, doesn’t mean it functions well or that it is an easy place to cook in.

This guide has some kitchen designing tips to help you transform your kitchen like a pro.

From where to place appliances to what storage your cabinets should have, we’ve rounded up some great tips to help your kitchen function better and look great too.

Design Your New Cabinets

One of the first places to start when redesigning your kitchen is also arguably the most fun. You’ll want to decide the look and style you’re going for before you start making purchases.

A quality cabinet, such as ProCraft Cabinets, will not only help transform the look of your kitchen but also the quality.

You’ll want to choose a pretty cabinet that will also stand up to years of use. Make sure they are durable enough for everyone in your household and that they can last for many years.

Think about the color cabinets you’d like, the style, and also what each cabinet should contain in terms of your storage needs when you start shopping.

Your cabinets set the tone for your flooring, countertops, and fixtures as well. Since kitchens give you the most bang for your buck in terms of resale, keep in mind that what you spend here is truly an investment you’ll get back.

Consider the Traffic Patterns

The traffic patterns in your home all play a big role in how your kitchen functions. If you have your kitchen off of the garage, for example, you may also have boots, and jackets getting thrown into the kitchen.

If your kitchen is open to your living room, you may incorporate a lot of dining and seating between both spaces. Maybe your fridge is currently located right next to a staircase or in the way of the dishwasher.

Whatever is blocking the flow of your kitchen, when you do a remodel, this is your time to fix it. To help your kitchen flow and work better, consider the traffic patterns going in.

What do you want to fix here and how can you make the traffic flow in a different direction, for example.

Kitchen Design Rules: The Working Triangle

When it comes to kitchen design rules, the working triangle is a design theory that has been around for decades. This triangle refers to the sink, your stove, and your refrigerator.

Since most of the work in your kitchen is done in these three areas, you want to make sure it isn’t too big of a distance between them. You also don’t want them to be too cramped.

The rule of thumb here is that you should have between 12 and 26 feet between each of the three legs of the triangle.

When you’re redesigning your kitchen, keep this triangle in mind as you consider where to place your fridge, your stove, and your kitchen sink.

What Gadgets Do You Need

When you are redesigning your kitchen, this is also the time you get to reevaluate what your kitchen actually needs. If you make a lot of vegetables and kinds of pasta in large pots, for example, a pot filler might be a gadget that will make your life easier.

If you’re a coffee-lover, maybe you’d like a coffee bar or a coffee station somewhere in your kitchen. If you use a lot of different knives, consider adding a knife drawer with special compartments made just for knives.

All of these little details will also make your kitchen one of a kind when it comes to resale and showing your home.

If you prep a lot of veggies, you can also add a cutting board, right into your cabinet, for example. In terms of gadgets, make a wish list of everything that will make your life easier and incorporate as much as your budget allows to help improve the function of your kitchen.

Where Do You Need More Storage

Storage is something you can never have enough of. One of the most critical kitchens designing tips is to make sure you include plenty of storage in your new design.

Whether it is in your cabinets, your pantry, or additional newly created storage areas, having enough storage will help you fit everything you need to in its proper place.

A kitchen remodel is the best time to make sure everything has somewhere to go. From your oversized mixer to your pressure cooker, get those bulky appliances off of your counters and into a new cabinet.

If you don’t currently have a pantry, a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to add one. You can create a pantry cabinet almost anywhere you’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll. Have open in other areas.

Kitchen remodels are also when you can think about any custom storage you need. If you’d like more places to hang pots, for example, or store cleaning supplies, or utensils, hide these items away with some clever storage solutions built right into your cabinets.

How to Redesign a Kitchen

When you’re redesigning your kitchen, there are a few key kitchen design rules to keep in mind. From where to place your appliances, the flow of your kitchen, and how you’d like your cabinetry to look, designing a kitchen takes a few thoughtful decisions to make your dream space.

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, taking some time to imagine how you use the space and what would make it function better, will make all the difference for you and your family.

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