A sofa is a significant element of any living space and is often the first thing that needs to be considered when designing a room. Housing in the UK is notorious for compact and doubled-up spaces. Configurations of where a sofa has to live can include kitchen/diner and lounge/diner or even kitchen/lounge/diner – each needing precise planning to ensure there is enough room for all the elements you want to include. In many spaces, it can be obvious where the sofa ought to be placed by virtue of room size and shape with its associated restrictions. There may be a natural focal point, such as a TV (if that’s your thing) or another type of screen, while in others, configuring the layout is not so obvious or easy. There is always a way to decide what type of sofa is best for you with some planning. We’ve added some other considerations below to get you started on where to place your sofa.

Consider Room Balance

When you’re arranging furniture in your home, balance is key to getting longevity and enjoyment from the space. This is especially crucial in a small area. The following will throw the entire look of the room out of whack:

  • If you have too many visually heavy aspects or pieces of furniture
  • If your furniture is all on one side of the room
  • If the sofa you are considering is too much for the space
  • If your sofa is in a place that you will constantly want to move it as it creates inconvenience
  • If you’ve chosen a sofa too big for a small space

Some of these aspects are difficult to fix if you’ve already purchased and placed a sofa, especially if the size is a factor. However, if you are thinking and planning ahead, you can consider all of this, plus how and if a sofa of a particular size will fit in your kitchen/ dining room/ lounge area.

Consider Household Traffic Flow

Sofas are usually fairly big, so their placement can be good for or impede household flow and function, and this sheer size can significantly impact traffic flow in a room. Nothing is worse than climbing over furniture or pressing against the wall whenever you want to walk past it. It’s also not ideal for it to create any tripping hazards, drop or stain hazards from food going past or when carrying plates to and from the kitchen. It’s essential to consider other elements you want in the room that will also take up space. These may include:

  • Multiple sofas or an armchair
  • Coffee or side tables
  • Kitchen or diner elements such as racks, stands or appliances
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Humans and pets using the space

To ensure everything fits well and everyone is comfortable, there needs to be space between each one for flow. If there is none within your current or proposed layout, consider what you do and don’t need in the area or if a smaller sofa, table or other piece is required and preferable. What’s important is to have a clear path to walk from one end of the room to the other without any problem.

Consider Placement

Two sofa tendencies, especially in small spaces, are seen time and again – either to push your sofa up against the wall or into the corner. In some rooms, this will be necessary because of the room size; in that case, a smaller sofa or chaise lounge may be a better option. On the other hand, if you don’t have serious size or layout restrictions, it may be better for the flow and design to pull the sofa away from the wall a little to provide more breathing room. When planning, considering all configurations will allow you to figure out what’s best for your space.

Getting Your Sofa in the House

When looking to fit a sofa in your space or get any new furniture, you will undoubtedly consider how to get it in the front door and delivered along with all the placement planning. Flat-packing and modulation are a lifesaver for narrow hallways and doorways. The Sofa in a Box design elevates flat-packing with lux fabrics and structure while able to be modulated and small enough to fit into every home.

The Smart Sofa Difference

Visit Smart Sofas for details about our range’s luxury colours and various sofa styles. Our mission is to craft and deliver quality, comfortable sofas that last while offering effortless delivery every time.

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