According to the property market, remodeling the kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the overall value of a home. As a matter of facts, many property owners tend to promote the kitchen, bedroom, and living room more than the rest. This is because these rooms have the biggest effect on property buyers. In other words, a house buyer is more often going to make a decision based on the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

However, the million-dollar question is, what is the cost to remodel your kitchen?  Well, the truth is that the cost does vary depending on many factors such as:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Cost of material
  • Labor
  • Personal taste and so on.

Nonetheless, the national average cost has been estimated to be about $18,000, with many homeowners spending between $10,000 and $25,000 which can be made possible through a home improvement loan. The only problem with these figures is that they are simply nationwide estimations. Therefore, to estimate exactly how much it will cost you to renovate your kitchen, you should continue reading.

The Basics Of Kitchen Budget

Of course, before you decide on a budget, there are certainly a few things you must consider, which will affect your total budget. For example, the style of the remodel will affect your budget. Therefore, you must first decide on what you want to remodel. At times, you may not have the time or resources to remodel the entire kitchen. For this reason, you can pick a few areas to upgrade.

05-chocolate-marble-cake-kitchen-idea-homebnc Kitchen Remodeling Guide - How Much Does It Cost To Remodel The Kitchen

It is important to remember that sometimes smaller details have huge impacts. For example, improving the kitchen lights and cabinets can have a huge impact just as renovating the whole kitchen.

Similarly, you will want to know where every dollar is going. This simply means estimating places where your budget will be used. Even though kitchen renovation projects are different, there are often common patterns or trends that many people follow. This pattern has made it possible for the National Kitchen and Bath Association to come up with a kitchen remodeling cost break down.

The kitchen installation and replacement costs by percentage are as follows:

  • 29% cabinetry and hardware
  • 14% appliances and ventilation
  • 10% countertops
  • 7% flooring
  • 5% lighting
  • 5% walls and ceiling
  • 4% doors and windows
  • 4% faucets and plumbing

Other Additional Costs Include:

  • 17% Labor
  • 4% design fees
  • 1% others

NOTE: – The figures above are just percentage averages. This means that just because many homeowners spent 29% on cabinetry and hardware does not mean that you have to as well. If you think that your floors are in bad shape, then you should spend more money there. In other words, spend your money where renovation or remodeling is needed most.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Factors

budget-kitchen Kitchen Remodeling Guide - How Much Does It Cost To Remodel The Kitchen

There are certainly many factors that will affect the total cost of a kitchen remodeling project. These factors include:

  • Budget
  • Cost of material
  • The cost of hiring a professional
  • ROI (Return of investment)
  • Personal tastes
  • Remodeling trends


With the above information, you will be able to know how much it will cost you to remodel your kitchen. It is always wise to start with the most pressing or important. Also, do not forget that small changes do also have huge impacts.