While a kitchen is composed of many parts, kitchen shelves are some of the most absolutely vital.

Whether you’re using them to store food and cookware or to display decorative times, good kitchen shelves can make all the difference in how your kitchen functions and looks.

Whether your kitchen is an old fashioned country style kitchen, a gathering place for family and friends, or a sleek ultramodern cooking space, here are some great kitchen shelves ideas to help you out.

Kitchen Storage Shelves

For some of the most effective kitchen storage shelving, choose modular kitchen shelves. A modular kitchen shelf can be moved to accommodate the height of the items on it or below it, provided the cabinet is designed to accommodate the adjustment.

Riverside-Home-by-Tipfords Kitchen Shelves: Floating, Pull Out, and Wall Mounted Shelf Ideas
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You probably will keep the same configuration or a long period of time, however it is nice to know you have the option of storing taller items at some point and may become a necessity if your lifestyle changes.

Kitchen cabinet shelves are your go-to when it come to kitchen storage. You want to make sure you choose a depth that both allows for plenty of storage but also easy access of all the items in your kitchen cabinets. You don’t want to be digging around blindly at the back of the shelf for flour or bread when you’re cooking.

Accessibility must be balanced with storage in kitchen cabinet shelving. You may want to buy some organizers to make it easier to get at items you need on a regular basis.

There are a wide variety of these kitchen shelf/kitchen cabinet organizers available at most home goods stores. Very few require any sort of hardware and can be a very large convenience, especially for busy and crowded households.

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Pull out kitchen shelves may be the route to go if you are going to be storing a lot of items on your kitchen shelves. Pull out kitchen shelves work as a kind of rack that moves much like a regular kitchen drawer, easily sliding out of the cabinet to allow access to all items you’ve stored there. Make sure you get good quality cabinet pull out shelves.

Much like you would when shopping for drawers, test out the design to make sure that they do not stick and can be easily pull out. While you do want to be able to lift the rack out for cleaning and repair, it should not be too easy to lift out.

Open Kitchen Shelves

It might be better to store some items out in the open for all to see. You may want to display your fine chine, or you might want to have quick access to frequently used ingredients.

These wall mounted kitchen shelves should reflect the style of your kitchen while being practical and sturdy. There are a variety of good looking options out there for any kitchen design.

WHITSTABLE-ISLAND-COTTAGE-by-Whitstable-Island-Interiors Kitchen Shelves: Floating, Pull Out, and Wall Mounted Shelf Ideas
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Floating kitchen shelves come in a variety of colors and mount designs. Most often, they resemble a plank of wood (plain, painted, or stained) hanging on the wall with no discernable mount, but you can find more elaborate looking ones, as well.

There are some rather narrow shelves that look almost like exposed beams of wood, perfect for a country kitchen or a more industrial design. With floating kitchen shelves, it’s key to make sure they are mounted to the wall properly. Do some research to see how they attach to the wall, what tools you’ll need, and how much weight they can hold.

If, over time, the design you’re looking at has been known to collapse suddenly, look for a more sturdy mounting mechanism. Make sure you follow the kitchen shelf’s instructions when mounting it to the wall for the best results. Be careful about storing delicate and breakable items on floating kitchen shelves if they are very budget-friendly.

Vintage-Galley-by-PowerSmith-Design Kitchen Shelves: Floating, Pull Out, and Wall Mounted Shelf Ideas
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You can also have kitchen shelves built into the bottoms of your wall-mounted cabinets. This is a great idea if there are ingredients you often use certain ingredients. It’s a wonderful ay to display spice jars in place of a spice rack.

The best way to install these kinds of kitchen shelves is to have them built in with new cabinets, as that way they are firmly mounted to the wall with the cabinets, are easy to install, and match all your cabinetry perfectly.

If you want to display collectibles or dishes, think about getting kitchen shelves installed with glass fronted doors, like display cabinets. This can be a great way to show off that antique silver from grandma or a collection of coffee mugs from around the world.

Cardinal-Rd-by-Holmes-Salter-Interiors Kitchen Shelves: Floating, Pull Out, and Wall Mounted Shelf Ideas
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Kitchen Shelf Materials

Kitchen shelves are simple in construction, which means that they can be made from a lot of different materials. What material a kitchen shelf is made out of will often be the biggest factor in its price, mounting mechanism, and weight. If you’re going to be installing a shelf on your own, try not buy it out of a very heavy material, as wrestling it onto its mount may be very difficult.

Metal kitchen shelves may be the way to go for any kitchens style. Metal shelves tend to be very lightweight, as they are rarely solid, yet very durable and easy ty to clean.

You can find them in rustic versions, with patinas meant to look like they’ve been in use for years, or you can find stainless steel kitchen shelves that work better for more modern kitchen designs.

Boss Design Center can let you know something more regarding kitchen design. Check out their site.

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You can also find more rack-like or basket-like metal kitchen shelves that work well for holding groups of small items that don’t like to sit flat. If placed in the right location, and with the right styling, these kitchen shelves can be used as anything from fruit containers to drying racks.

Ending thoughts on kitchen shelves

The importance of good kitchen shelves can’t be stressed enough. Whether you’re looking for storage space or a place to display accent items, quality shelving is the perfect choice. Kitchen shelves will maximize your use of space and look good while doing it.