Did you know that Americans have been doing more remodeling than ever during the coronavirus pandemic? Extended time stuck at home has given many families extra time to complete projects that they may have put off.

If you want to update your home, you can easily do so by installing new doors. When choosing doors, there are many factors to consider, like modern styles, usage, and budget.

Would you like to know more about interior design for door installation? Here are some factors to consider when choosing doors for the inside of your home.

Consider Your Home’s Floor Plan

If you have many rooms, you should consider a unified door style so that your interior decoration is consistent. Even if your doorways are different sizes, you can use the same material or door shape if possible.

For a smaller space, you may want to try doors that slide, rather than open traditionally. That way, you can have more space to work with, so you will not have to worry about hitting furniture or other objects.

If you have an open floor plan, you may want to forego doors altogether. Open-air doorways can provide a seamless transition between spaces without cutting them off from one another.

Maximize Security

When thinking about door ideas, you should consider the security of your home as a primary factor. Doors can keep intruders out, as well as keep pets and children inside.

For your front door, you should choose a sturdier option that is difficult to break in. For added protection, you should consider adding a screen door that can be locked from the inside as well.

You might not need a high-security door for every room in your house, but you can put extra protections on rooms that are more important. For instance, if you have a room with important documents, you may want a door that makes it more difficult to break in.

Door Materials

Wood is the most classic door material, and it is also incredibly sturdy. For specialized wood designs, try companies like Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods. You can customize the material, the stain, and the number of panels that your doors have.

If you live somewhere that is prone to moisture in the air, then you should consider a sealant or even a different material. More exposure to moisture can sometimes cause wood doors to be warped.

To let in more light, you can even choose a glass door or one with glass panels. These are a great option for open floor plans, as they help light flow effectively through the space.

A newer material that is become more popular is metal. Although it may seem unconventional, metal is a sturdy alternative and can go with more modern interior design plans.

Make Modifications For Pets

If you have pets, then you should consider them when choosing your interior decoration. For pets that like to run around the home, you can easily install homemade pet doors so that they can have unrestricted access.

Sometimes an outdoor doggy door can be tricky for security reasons. You can get a customized door that will open according to the dog’s microchip. That way, you can still prevent intruders but your dog can use the backyard as they please.

Try an Offbeat Design

A home remodel is a great time to customize the space to your liking and put in unique interior decoration. If you want to change up your look, a statement door can be the perfect way to do so.

There are many types of doors that serve the dual purpose of functionality and stylishness. Here are some of the main types of doors that make a home truly special.

Pocket Doors

A pocket door is a great way to save space in your home. It is also easy to hide because it can fit in between the walls so that you do not have to worry about which way it will swing.

Pocket doors tend to be more expensive than regular doors, but the maintenance costs are about the same. The benefit that you get from a pocket door can far outweigh the initial investment.

The main draw of pocket doors is that they have the ability to transform a room quickly. They can serve as great room dividers if you want to turn a larger area into separate spaces.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a way to access outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces. They also have the added benefit of bringing in much more light to the inside of your home, especially if you are lacking in traditional windows.

Similar to pocket doors, sliding glass doors do not need to swing open. This adds much more space to work with when you do your interior design plan.

You can also customize these doors to your liking. For example, the frames often come in all different types of wood, so you can easily match the rest of your home.

Frameless Doors

If you have a hidden space or you simply want your doors to blend in with your space, then you should consider frameless doors. These types of doors blend into the wall so that you may not notice them as you walk by.

Concealed and frameless doors are definitely a more modern design. If you have a sleek layout, then a frameless door will fit perfectly into your interior decoration.

For frameless door installation, you will need the exact measurements of the space. You will also need to purchase special hinges to make the door as invisible as possible.

Choosing Doors That Will Make Your Home Shine

You should not have to worry about whether your new doors will fit in with the design concept of your home. With these tips, choosing doors can be an easy process that will leave you feeling satisfied.

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