The lavender color just, just like the flowers it got its name from, is something that is easy to fall in love with.

It combines the coolness of blue with the softness of pink and those two colors together create what we know as lavender purple.

Just try and picture those beautiful fields of lavender flowers spreading into the distance and it immediately becomes clear why so many people choose this particular color for their home décor.

Purple vs Violet

Sky-@-MidCity-Lofts-by-Niki-Papadopoulos The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Niki Papadopoulos

In order to understand lavender color, we first have to be able to tell the difference between purple and violet.

Yes, both of the colors are obtained by mixing blue and red, but there is a significant difference in the proportions. As a result of that, purple is more on the blue than on the red side, while violet is more reddish than blueish.

So what about lavender colors? Is lavender color palette a part of the purple or the violet specter? The answer is – purple.

Workfolio-by-angela-varela-cunha The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: angela varela cunha

The lavender color is obtained by mixing purple and white and that is why it looks like a blueish and diluted purple. However, there are many different shades of lavender and some do, in fact, have more red tones.

Some of the popular lavender shades with red or pink notes are, for example, Pink Lavender, Crayola, Medium Lavender Magenta aka Plum, Heliotrope, English Lavender, and Twilight Lavender.

Lilac Color vs Lavender

Eco-Home-by-Chris-Snook The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Chris Snook

Purple is a color often used in many industries but with so many different shades that there are, it is sometimes hard to get them straight and know the exact difference. That is why lilac color and lavender often get mixed up.

So what color is lavender and what color is lilac?

Hollywood-Regency-Living-Room-by-Peg-Berens-Interior-Design-LLC The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Lavender is a light and soft purple color with a blueish hue. On the other hand, lilac is also a shade of purple but it has more of a pinkish hue.

There are also different shades of the lavender color. For example, pale lavender is also known as Lavender Blush and it actually has more white in the mix than purple. At the opposite side of the specter, there is so-called Old Lavender; a dark lavender grey color and the darkest known shade of lavender paint.

Lavander in Nurseries and Kids’ Rooms

Colourful-Bohemian-Family-Home-in-South-London-by-Anouska-Tamony-Designs The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Anouska Tamony Designs

Many people have decided to go for lavender bedroom, but this color is actually even more popular among parents decorating their kids’ rooms and/or nurseries.

Purple room decor is a good idea for making your kids’ rooms more cozy and cheerful, and the wide variety of purple shades allows you to choose from those more on the blue side for boys and those with more red in it for girls. But one way or another, lavender is considered gender-neutral.

What makes it perfect for nurseries is the fact that light lavender color is very soothing and relaxing, especially when combined with pastels and/or whites. We often see lavender walls, but sometimes they can be too much so people rather go for 1 accent wall.

However, don’t mistake and think that lavender is suitable only for bedrooms and nurseries. On the contrary, a purple living room, purple dining room, lavender kitchen, or basically any other room painted purple can really turn your home into a cozier place. Not to mention the fact that purple rooms are also very stylish.

So if you are looking for purple room ideas, check some images on the internet for inspiration and continue reading this article to find out what color goes with lavender.

Colors that Go with Lavender

If you’ve been wondering what colors compliment purple, you are in luck because there is a lot of them. Let’s start with some of the most obvious choices:

Lavender and Silver

Shingle-Style-New-Construction-by-Dalia-Canora-Design-LLC- The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Dalia Canora Design, LLC

If you are looking for purple living room ideas, you have probably already come across those pictures of beautiful purple rooms with silver details. For the fans of modern design with a bit of an edge, this color combination is definitely something they should consider.

However, if you think silver is a bit too much, you could always go with grey instead or choose a purple grey color such as Old Lavender, for example. Lavender and grey will never go out of style.

Lavender and Black

Palisades-Riviera-by-Jackson-Paige-Interiors-Inc. The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Jackson Paige Interiors, Inc.

Another popular combination for purple living room decor is lavender and black. For example, having a lavender sofa with black cushions or a nice black and white cloth is both stylish and really pleasant to the eye. Adding little black accessories such as vases, pots, or even coffee tables or chairs is also a great idea.

Lavender and Yellow

Dom-by-Roman-Spiradinov The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Roman Spiradinov

Does this sound like a bit too much? Maybe in theory. In practice, however, lavender and yellow bring out the best in each other.

Purple and yellow are on the opposite side of the color spectrum and combining them when decorating a room can create a beautiful and vibrant effect that will be cheerful and really bring the room into the life.

Lavender and Bronze

Thompson-Station-Residence-by-Red-Leaf-Interiors-LLC The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Red Leaf Interiors, LLC

If you have a dark purple room, you will turn it into a perfection by adding some bronze elements for a truly dramatic effect. If, on the other hand, you want to combine bronze and light purple paint, it will lighten the ambiance in a chick and classic way.

Lavender and Pink

Modern-Rustic-Charm-by-Coyle-Construction-Company The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Coyle Construction Company

Pink is a complementary color to purple and it is a great choice if you want to create an ombre effect on your walls. Of course, you could simply use different shades of lavender for that, but throwing pink into the mix will really lighten the mood in the room.

However, if ombre walls are what you are going for, be sure not to make too big of a color leap between the stripes because instead of the wall looking chick, it will turn out to be a bit awkward.

That being said, pink and lavender aren’t a great combo for ombre walls only; on the contrary, they work well together in almost every combination and add a beautiful feminine touch to the room.

Millennial Pink vs Lavender for Decoration

Rustic-Modern-Family-Room-by-Peppeard-Design The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Peppeard Design

If you have been following fashion and design trends lately, you probably know that Millennial Pink has been quite a hit for a few years now. However, some people find it a bit too overwhelming and you definitely don’t want your home to be that.

On the contrary, when designing your place of rest and comfort, you should follow the trends to a certain line and then think whether or not you are truly creating a space where you will enjoy spending your free time.

For that reason, lavender has replaced Millennial Pink for interior design and more and more people find it more pleasant and soothing than a hot shade of pink.

And no, we are not saying there is anything wrong with pink. On the contrary, there are many beautiful shades of this color and it can be really calming, almost organic, and definitely a chick. However, it seems that lavender’s growing popularity is slowly taking over anyway.

The lavender color scheme offers a wide variety of beautiful shades and people often choose it for walls (especially purple bedroom walls), furniture, or at least little décor such as a simple lavender painting or a light purple painting on a wall, lavender cushions and duvets, and similar.

Decorating with the lavender color

French-Country-European-Style-Home-by-M.J.-Whelan-Construction The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: M.J. Whelan Construction

When it comes to lavender decorating, the sky is the limit. Browse the web for purple living room ideas, explore the color combinations and what colors look good with purple, look at what colors make lavender and then play with the shades… The options are endless.

Downtown-traditional-loft-by-Rusk-Renovations The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Rusk Renovations

The most popular choice seems to be adding an accent lavender wall into a room which you can easily do by picking your favorite lavender color wallpaper if you don’t want to paint it.

Lavender bedroom ideas also seem to be increasingly popular and you will often see purple elements added to, for example, a grey and turquoise bedroom.

The point of decorating with lavender is that you don’t always have to just repaint the whole room to get the desired effect. Sometimes, the beauty lies in the details. For example, adding a purple kitchen door to your mostly grey kitchen can do wonders for space without completely turning your kitchen into a lavender kitchen.

Outdated-to-upgraded-by-RC-Interiors The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: RC Interiors

Simply check what colors go with lavender and then get creative and take the matter into your own hands from there.

FAQs about the lavender color

1. What is the meaning of the lavender color?

Lavender is frequently linked to quiet, serenity, and tranquility. Its gentle and calming hue is frequently utilized in relaxation and meditation techniques as well as in initiatives to raise awareness of mental health issues. It is frequently used in weddings and other romantic occasions, and it can also represent femininity and elegance.

2. How does lavender differ from lilac and purple?

A pale, pinkish-purple is how people frequently describe lavender, a light hue of purple. In comparison to lavender, lilac is a paler, more subdued, and more grayish shade of violet. Darker and richer than other colors, purple can have hues ranging from deep violet to reddish.

3. What are some common associations or cultural references to lavender color?

The calming aroma of lavender essential oil and the arrival of spring are frequently linked. Additionally, femininity, elegance, and refinement are frequently connected to it. Lavender is connected to loss and grief in some cultures while it is connected to spiritual purity in others.

4. Is lavender color typically associated with a particular gender or sexuality?

Lavender is frequently found in women’s apparel, accessories, and cosmetics since it has long been thought to be a symbol of femininity. It can be experienced and appreciated by anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and is not restricted to any specific gender or sexuality.

5. What are some complementary colors to lavender?

Lavender pairs well with soft pink, light gray, mint green, and soft yellow. When combined with lavender, these hues produce a soothing and well-balanced palette that may be used in art, fashion, and home décor.

6. Can lavender color affect people’s moods or emotions in any way?

According to studies, the hue lavender can have a relaxing impact on the body and mind, lowering levels of stress and anxiety. It is a popular choice for mindfulness and meditation exercises because it can also encourage emotions of tranquility and relaxation.

7. How can one incorporate lavender color into their home decor or wardrobe?

Accent pillows, drapes, wall art, and bedding can all be used to decorate a room with lavender. Additionally, it can be used to choose paint colors and upholstery for furniture. Lavender can be incorporated into fashion through the choice of apparel, accessories, and even hair color.

8. What is the origin of the name “lavender” and why was it chosen for this particular color?

The Latin word “lavare,” which means “to wash,” is where the term “lavender” originates. Since ancient times, lavender has been utilized for its purifying and calming effects, especially in baths and personal care items. The flower with the same name, which has a delicate, pinkish-purple colour, is probably where the color lavender got its name.

9. Are there any historical or cultural uses of lavender color in art or fashion?

Throughout history, lavender has been used in art and fashion, especially in the Art Nouveau and Victorian eras. It was a well-liked shade for women’s apparel, accessories, art, and interior design. Lavender has recently gained popularity as a bridesmaid dress and wedding décor hue.

10. How does the color lavender appear in nature and how is it used in plant-based therapies or aromatherapy?

A flowering plant known as lavender produces lovely, fragrant blossoms with a light, pinkish-purple colour. Because of its calming and relaxing characteristics, the essential oil made from the blossoms is frequently used in aromatherapy. Lavender oil can be infused into bathwater, massage oils, and other personal care items.

Ending thoughts on the lavender color

The lavender color is one of the most popular natural colors used both in fashion and in design and it seems it will never go out of style.

The fact that it agrees with many other colors makes it easy to use and to decorate the place with it in a proper way.

Modern-Lux-by-Crimson-Design-Group The lavender color and colors that go with lavenderImage source: Crimson Design Group

It is also naturally soothing and calming so you can never go wrong with a lavender-colored bedroom, nursery or living room.