About 4% of American homes use solar power.

You’d then think installing solar panels on your home is as easy as getting a DIY solar kit. These DIY kits promise to give you the convenience of solar energy without the hassle of hiring professional solar panel installers. They’re cheaper, much more convenient, readily available, and also sound too good to be true.

Getting a DIY solar kit is tempting, but it may not be the best idea. If you don’t believe us, well, here are a few reasons why you should skip the DIY kit and leave solar panel installation to the pros.

It’s Not as Simple as It Seems

You might be thinking to yourself, “What’s so hard about climbing on top of a roof and fixing a flat glass panel on it?” While solar panel installation isn’t rocket science, it’s not as easy as most people think. In actuality, it’s a complex job and a potentially dangerous one at that.

Remember, you’re lifting heavy panels on top of a roof that’s many feet above the ground. Aside from the panels, you also have to get all the wiring equipment and tools on top of the roof. Hauling all these objects on top of your roof is no easy task.

One small misstep and you could come crashing down with the solar panels. To be on the safe side and avoid getting hurt, think about hiring a professional solar panel installer.

There’s also the technical aspect of solar panel installation that involves several fixtures and complex wiring. It’s likely that you’re not cut out for the job, regardless of how many YouTube tutorials you watch. Plus, handling electrical fixtures is a dangerous job, and you risk electrocution.

For a smooth installation and your own safety, think about hiring a professional solar panel installer.

Wrongly Installed Solar Panels Are a Fire Hazard

There’s always the risk of burning down your house if you get the solar panel installation wrong. Using the wrong materials and improper wiring during installation could lead to electrical problems. These electrical issues could start a fire and burn your house to the ground.

What’s more, solar panels can reach high temperatures and can easily start a fire if you lay them on top of a wooden platform. The only way to avert this risk is by hiring a qualified solar panel installer. Not only will they get the wiring right, but they also know the best place to install these panels to avoid fires.

Solar Installation Is a Potentially Fatal Job

You don’t want your eulogy to say, ” …died while installing solar panels.” This is certainly an embarrassing way to go, given that you could have paid someone a few hundred bucks to do it for you.

Solar panel installation is a potentially fatal job and could claim your life. Falling headfirst from high places almost always equals instant death. What’s more, you could tamper with electricity and get electrocuted to death.

There’s no point in losing your life over a few hundred bucks. You still have a long life ahead of you, so why not hire a professional for your solar installation?

You’ll Likely Do a Shoddy Job

Look, we’re not underestimating your DIY prowess, but it’s nothing compared to the years of experience the pros have under their belts. Plus, with solar panel installation, you want to get it absolutely right the first time. Getting it wrong means a lot of money down the drain and could even be catastrophic.

If you want a bang-up job with your installation, you need not look any further than a professional solar panel installer. Not only are they trained for that particular job, but they’ve also installed dozens of panels before. This means they can do a much better job in a much shorter time.

You Risk Damaging Your Home

Before installing solar panels, you need to know whether your roof is structurally capable of handling the solar panels. Sometimes, installing solar panels can compromise the structural integrity of your home’s roof. Don’t be surprised when the roof comes crumbling down with the solar panel.

A professional installer will examine the structural details of your roof to determine whether it can handle the solar panel load. If it can’t, they’ll take the necessary steps to fortify the roof before installing the panels. This averts any damage to your home that could cost you a bundle in repairs.

It Might Compromise Your Solar Panels Lifespan

The average lifespan of solar panels is about 25 to 20 years. However, you might not get even 15 years out of your solar panel with improper installation. By hiring a professional installer, you can get the most out of your solar panel for years to come. Plus, most DIY solar installation kits are made from substandard materials that deteriorate a lot faster.

The worst part is that most of these DIY solar installation kits don’t come with warranties. It means you’ll be left in the dark if your products malfunction. Make the smart choice and hire solar panel installers who have warranties for their work.

It Might Lock You Out of Government Incentives

One of the major advantages of installing solar panels is the tax rebates and other government incentives. However, most DIY solar installation kits aren’t eligible for these incentives. That’s because these DIY solar kits don’t have MSC certification, which is one of the qualification criteria.

Don’t Buy a DIY Solar Kit

You’re better off hiring professional solar installers than buying a DIY solar kit. Although they’re cheap, they’re not worth it in the long run. When it comes to solar panel installation, always go with the pros.

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