If you own a small home, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on décor and interiors. Whether you wish to add life into an old dated property, renovate your small space by updating its furniture, or simply wish to increase the functionality of your home, there are plenty of design hacks you need to know to transform your small home into the perfect space for you.

Smart Storage

Even if you cleverly plan your home’s interior, clutter still manages to emerge of numerous surfaces. Rather than design storage solutions that look unsightly and unattractive, why not use some clever storage solutions to help save space, while still looking ultra-modern. Smart storage is a clever way of decluttering your home as well as being an ideal place to stash your belongings away.

Storage beds are a popular solution and are often used in rented studio apartments to provide efficient storage solutions for all tenants. RW Invest property specialists suggest that the bedroom is often the room that needs maximum storage space, particularly for students that may require a place to study too. Therefore, supplying smart storage solutions throughout their diverse range of property investment opportunities is essential to attract new tenants to their properties.

Window Seats

A window seat is a classy addition to your home, as well as fitting perfectly into modern spaces. Creating a sitting area by a window allows you to enjoy reading by the natural light and take time out of your day to relax, while being an efficient way of utilising space.

DIY Furniture

Building your own furniture is a great method of customising your furniture to accommodate for smaller spaces. If you have tight spaces in your home, why not consider some DIY? This can be easier than you first expect and is the best way to free space inside your home by creating beautiful, unique furniture. If you plan to build some space saving furniture, then you can build them bespoke in different heights, shapes and sizes that not only saves space in your small home, but it is also incredibly economic.

Coffee Table

Opting for a two-tiered coffee table can save you an enormous amount of space by creating not just an additional space that is optimal, but also movable. It is amazing how much space can be created just by a coffee table. While the top of the table is used for a variety of things like eating, drinking and socialising, the bottom shelf on the table serves as a place to store coffee table books, vases, CD’s and even television remotes. Ultimately, this helps to keep your space looking neat, tidy and decluttered.

Bunk Beds

Living in tight spaces with smaller children is a challenge in itself, however, as larger properties are becoming harder to obtain due to rising house prices, often there may not be enough bedrooms for all children, leaving some no option but to share. Stylish bunk beds are harder to find, but the space they produce provides a suitable option to have a well-organised room with plenty of storage space available