Just like everything else in life, our homes age. From the wear and tear of daily life to environmental factors, a home’s appeal and physical beauty can be compromised over years and decades.

In addition to physical and structural decay, a home’s overall look and feel can age. New trends and design styles can ultimately make a once-stunning home look remarkably dated.

While some home improvement and design projects can be incredibly expensive, there are several improvements that can be done that are both simple and affordable.

Whether you’re looking at taking on the challenge in one room or throughout the entire house, keep reading to find out about four simple ways to reinvigorate an older room in the home.

Give the Floors Some TLC

carpet-room Four Simple Ways to Liven Up Any Old Room

In today’s home design world, carpet is out and hard floors are back in: this can be one of the most straightforward ways to improve any old room’s look.

If you already have hardwood floors in the home, then you can give them an updated look by re-coating them with enamel, applying epoxy or even just cleaning and waxing them.

For those who do not have hardwood floors, a complete renovation may be necessary. Don’t fret, however: many hard floor surface coverings can be purchased for as little as $1 per square foot, meaning it’s quite affordable to renovate any one room that’s dated and aged.

Slap Some Paint on It

painted-room Four Simple Ways to Liven Up Any Old Room

One of the biggest factors in how quickly rooms in the home age is the appearance of the walls. Whether it be smoke or just life in general, a room’s walls can lose their bright and appealing color over time.

Thankfully, a new paint job in any old room can go a long way toward livening it up and restoring its glory (use this paint calculator to determine how much paint you need for a room).

You can opt for a generic, neutral color such as white, or go for a more eye-popping and vibrant selection in pursuit of further coordinating the room’s style.

Tackle the Base Board and Molding

In many situations, architects and home design experts can immediately tell how old a home is by examining base boards, molding and other accents near the floor and ceiling of any room.

This is one of the biggest factors in determining how old or modern a room looks. If you’re wanting to modernize a room, then replacement – or simple removal – of these elements may be useful.

Rooms without era-specific accents are able to maintain a more timeless look; when combined with a smart design strategy that incorporates the right furniture and accessories, you can keep a room looking modern for decades to come.

Throw In Some Color

colorful-old-room Four Simple Ways to Liven Up Any Old Room

Last but not least, throwing some elements of color into an older room can make a huge difference in its appeal and ambiance. A generic, neutral room when designed properly can be quite appealing, but older homes with fewer opportunities for modern design can nevertheless be improved through the inclusion of colorful paintings, rugs, furniture and other elements (it also makes for great contrast when done correctly).

Adding new life to any room of the home doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Sometimes, removing select elements is the key to opening up spaces and giving them a timeless look.

In other cases, simply adding a modern touch through furniture and décor can make a huge difference. Whatever the preferred strategy, you now have four potential options to consider when improving any room’s dated look.