Are you planning to sell your house? Maybe you want to undertake a remodel exercise to improve your quality of life. Whichever the case, we all deserve to live comfortably in a decent house.

But why should you remodel your house? Well, it raises the home’s livability by accentuating internal beauty. It also helps you by minimizing energy and maintenance costs.

Here are the remodel ideas that increase your property value.

  1. Expand The Living Room

In the past, the living rooms were compact and tight to conserve energy. That’s not the case anymore. Today, homebuyers want a larger living room.

So do you have a room adjoining the living room? If you don’t mind sacrificing, remove the interior non-load-carrying wall and take over space. Yes, the job is messy but it’s not complex. Just make sure you have got the necessary approvals.

  1. Redo The Flooring

It might seem like an expensive upgrade, but that’s quite the opposite. An old, raggedy and worn-out flooring steals from your property value. With this type of flooring, the potential homebuyers will always quote a cheaper price for your house.

Installing new flooring can change the game completely. Take your time to assess the different types of floorings in the market. Consider their durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost before selecting the one to install in your home.

  1. Refresh Your Front Door Entry

The front door is the gateway to your home. Undertaking a remodel on this piece performs two crucial functions. Not only does it add a sparkle to your living room but also enhances your home’s exterior curb appeal.

According to remodeling experts, a new front door brings back over 91% of its cost upon sale. Therefore, it has a higher return on investment than any other home project.

At times, you don’t have to replace the door. Something inexpensive as changing the hinges, doorknobs, or applying a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.

  1. Lighting

Lighting can make or break a home remodeling process. Therefore, it is an important factor in the remodeling process.

Strategic lighting adds ambiance and sets the mood in your room. Visit OzLighting and choose a contemporary light fixture for your living room.

  1. Select the Right Color Palette

Unlike other rooms, the living room is used for several activities. These include: hanging out, welcoming visitors, watching a movie, sipping wine, reading a favorite novel among others. With so much attention in this area, the color combination must be spot-on.

Even better, interior painting gives a higher return on investment. That’s because the cost of tools and materials is very low, and yet realizes greater returns in buyer appeal. One needs to exercise caution when choosing the right color scheme for their living area. White, beige, gray, and other neutral colors are among the most-liked colors in the market.


Remodeling your living room gives your home a new look. But that’s not all, it increases the property value which translates to a higher resale value.

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