When people start having dogs as household pets, they usually go through quite an experience to get accustomed to it. People can take months and even years before they finally manage to adjust their lifestyle according to things like walking schedules, feeding habits, and so on. When one has multiple dogs at home, the challenges only grow manifold. This is where some interior design planning will come in handy. The tips that we will be discussing further in this article can come in helpful when you’re living with a dog for the very first time.

Get The Right Crate

The first thing you’ll want to do is get yourself a dog crate. It’s a cage that will serve as your dog’s private room inside your house. The great this about crates is that they come in various sizes, shapes, and styles depending on your preference and budget. Apart from keeping your dog safe when you’re not at home, crates also keep them out of trouble and away from destroying or breaking anything. If you are getting a large dog breed, don’t worry, there are also many large dog crates you can accommodate your dog with. When shopping for the right one, make sure that it’s large enough for your dog to sit in and turn around comfortably. Even though you might think otherwise, dogs love their crates. They consider them their private and safe space because that’s where they sleep and relax for most of the day.

Keep Your Floors Safe And Clean

Your flooring is one of the most important aspects of your living room and choice for floorings will play a vital role in how well you can blend your dog into your house’s design. For example, if you have a carpeted flooring plan for your living room, then you’re going to want to keep it as clean as possible all the time because dogs love rolling around on the ground especially when they come back from outdoors where dirt and dust are all over the place. Even though you might think that removing carpets all together is the best option, you might as well consider keeping them in. With rugs and carpets, you don’t have to worry about your dog slipping and injuring himself or herself when there is an unexpected movement.

Protect Your Furniture

Interior designing will be twice as much work when you have large furniture in your house. This is because you’ll need to have a large dog crate that will accommodate not just your pet but your favorite sofa or armchair as well. If you have leather sofas and chairs, then there’s no reason to worry. However, if you own wooden furniture, then you might need to consider getting them covered with some nice slipcovers. Make sure the covers are washable because there’s always the possibility of accidents happening like spilled milk or drinks on the floor which can cause significant damage if it’s left for too long before being cleaned up properly.

Get Rid of Things That Might Look Like a Play Toy

Did you know that dogs love playing with things like boxes, wrappers, and bags? When they get to play around with these kinds of things on the floor every once in a while, it gives them a reason to be happy about which is why your dog will try to get their hands on them whenever possible. To avoid this kind of behavior from your pet, just make sure that you pick up everything that resembles a playful item before bringing out the dog crate. For instance, don’t leave things like boxes or wrappers on the floor because your furry friend might just develop a habit of playing with them over and over again.

Keep the Dog’s Food Place in a Safe Place

Dogs can be quite messy eaters as they never fail to make a mess as they chew on their favorite bones and chew toys. To minimize the chances of your dog eating their food from places that are not the place where you want them to, consider getting an elevated dog feeder or a good dog feeding station. This will help keep your floor clean from scraps and spills which is why it’s a must-have if you have a puppy who might still be learning how to eat properly without making a mess. What’s more surprising is that you can teach your dog the habit of drinking from a water dispenser as opposed to their traditional water bowl. All you have to do is slowly pour water into the water dispenser and let your dog drink from it as you refill it whenever necessary.

2 Living With A Dog? Here Are Some Interior Designing Tips

Incorporating your dog into the process of interior design might require some extra effort on your part. However, with these tips, you’ll find it easier to get things done. All you need is enough patience and motivation to make the best out of what you have in your home by making sure that everything is safe for them and suitable for their needs.

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