If you have a construction project that requires a concrete contractor, ensure you hire the right one for the task. Finding the right concrete contractor can be a daunting task bearing in mind you need someone who will get the job done on time and offer quality work at a reasonable price. However, you can narrow down your options by asking carefully selected questions to ensure the contractor you hire is ideal for your project. Moreover, asking multiple questions will help you cull out low-quality concrete contractors.Here are the nine vital questions to ask before selecting a concrete contractor for your project;

  1. Are You Licensed, Insured, And Bonded?

This is the first question you need to ask when looking for a concrete contractor. If the answer is no, do not consider hiring the company for several reasons. First, a license acts as proof a particular concrete contractor has qualified employees with the required training and apprenticeship for the task. If you land on an insured contractor, ensure all their licenses are up to date.It is also vital to ensure your desired concrete contractor has liability insurance. Insurance protects your personal property and business in case of damages to existing structures in the course of the job. It also covers injuries suffered during construction.Also, looking for a bonded contractor protects the money you have invested in that project. In case the contractor fails to meet their financial obligation or complete the task as agreed, your interest will be protected.

  1. How much experience do you have?

Note any contractor with a minimum of 4 years of experience is proof they are reliable and consistent in providing quality results. Experienced contractors are the best, bearing in mind they provide insights and recommendations meant to get the best results possible. For instance, Frasercon will be happy to discuss how one concrete option will be more complimentary to your patio than another.

  1. What Guarantees And Warranties Do You Offer?

Concrete contractors deliver perfect results the day they finish the task. However, the quality of work must hold up over time. It would be disappointing to discover the job was poorly when cracks start developing.To protect yourself from shoddy concrete service companies, make sure you inquire about the kind of guarantees and warranties of the contractor providers. A reliable company should offer a documented warranty for their work.Go for a company that guarantees their work for at least twenty to twenty-four months. This way, in case there is a problem within this time frame, the contractor is bound to fix it.

  1. Do You Have References From Other Clients?

The easiest way to learn about the quality of the contractor’s work is to talk to past clients. Individuals who have been served before you will offer you honest opinions on the quality they received. Ask your desired contractor for a list of past and present clients who had similar projects. Talking to clients who have similar projects will offer you a comprehensive insight into the contractor’s capabilities.When talking to past clients, make sure you ask specific questions. For example, ask whether the contractor abided by the agreed terms and whether the delivered results on time. Based on the answers provided, you stand in a better position to decide whether the contractor is trustworthy.

  1. What Is a Schedule Like And How Soon Can You Start My Project?

Good concrete contractors have a busy schedule, but they should work something out based on your needs. The contractor should schedule your project at a time that works both for you and your contractor. If the best contractor for your project is engaged and can only schedule your project in the next few weeks, consider delaying your project for a while. It is worth waiting for the right contractor.

  1. Who Will Be The Project Manager?

It’s also crucial to know who will be in charge of your project. This way, you know who to call if there is a problem or have questions regarding the project.Knowing your project manager also helps you determine whether he or she is planning on taking a vacation. If so, ask who the alternative person you should talk to is. Remember, the success of a concrete project greatly relies on the project manager.

  1. Will You Help Pulling The Permit?

To comply with local laws, it’s essential to get proper permits for any construction being done on your property, especially if you plan to sell later. Getting proper permits is the contractor’s responsibility, bearing in mind the permits will bear the name of the person responsible for making sure the work is performed up to code.

  1. How long will my project take, and what are your rates?

The answer to this question should be based on the nature of your project. Small concrete projects like driveways should take days. Extensive projects like concrete walls, commercial sidewalks, and concrete counters may take a week or more. Choose a contractor offering a reasonable timeline that meets your needs.It’s also advisable  to request an estimate on your project from the concrete contractor beforehand. Common expenses you should look out for include coloring, concrete thickness and reinforcement, cost of base materials, and down payments. Compare estimates from different contractors before making your final decision.

  1. Do you have a written contract, or do you guarantee your projects in writing?

It’s vital to have a written contract pertaining to the project responsibilities and expectations if any problems arise during or after the project is done. Bearing this in mind, always ask this question before committing to any concrete contractor.

Asking these nine questions will make you make the right choice when choosing a concrete contractor for your project. The questions should help you understand what services you will be paying for, the relationship you will be having with the contractor, and the quality of work to expect. These nine questions should help you find the best concrete contractor fast.