Many individuals who are looking to redesign their kitchen enjoy looking through all of the latest interior design magazines for all of the most up-to-date ideas, even though they may not actually have the time or the money to go through with the actual redesigning job itself.

However, there are thankfully some very quick and easy kitchen decorating ideas that you can make note of and follow in order to give this very space the update that it truly deserves. Perhaps the best part is that these different kitchen design ideas go so beautifully together with one another.

Typically, we always tend to see everything at eye level at first, which means that some of the most notable changes in a kitchen can generally involve the walls. However, oftentimes, the walls are generally ignored in favor of the appliances, cooking surfaces, and counter tops.


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When it comes to updating the walls of your kitchen, you can make huge visual impacts in extremely easy ways. In fact, one of the most inexpensive ways to really liven up the room is by simply updating the wall color. The best way to do this is by utilizing what is known as the “three-color palette.”

*First Color: This is typically a color that can’t and shouldn’t be changed, such as the color of the counter tops and/or cabinets.

*Second Color: This should be a more neutral color of your choice, but should serve as a backdrop that should also complement the first color.

*Third Color: This should be a rather bold and unexpected color, but also one that works with the other colors of your palette. Make sure that it adds some pop to the space. In addition, you could even use it to help draw attention to some of your accessories.

The best way to come up with a good “three-color palette” combination is to play around with paint swatches until you find a combination that works the best for you.


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Take a moment to walk into your kitchen and think about the first thing that you see. Imagine that you are a visitor in the home for the first time. If the first thing you see is not something you necessarily like, make a note that that particular area should be the main focal point of the kitchen. Consider painting that wall a specific color or hanging a piece of wall art in that area as a way to draw immediate attention.


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A black and white color palette is very acceptable to use in a kitchen, as it can still help to add a sense of both personality and interest to the space. This is especially the case if the colors are used in a pattern such as a zig-zag.


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Having too many accessories in your kitchen can actually be a bad thing rather than a good thing. Take the time to think about what you really want in the space the most, keeping in mind what will actually help make the most impact.


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If you are looking to have a backsplash installed, this will only require just a few short feet of tile. The style of tile that you wish to use is up to you; however, it should keep in style with the rest of your kitchen.


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This is something that has, as of late, become one of the latest trends involving kitchens, in which upper cabinets are essentially eliminated. In addition, you can also place one or two “floating” shelves on an open wall to store various things on, ensuring that they are color coded.

Even better is the fact that these kinds of shelves are extremely easy to install. For an extra added effect, you could also choose to add LED lighting underneath the shelves to highlight them.


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Every inch of your shelving should always be used as a way to help save as much space as possible. As an extra added effect, consider lining the backs of the shelves with wallpaper to help coordinate with the style that you’re going for.


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If your kitchen is already outfitted in more neutral colors, consider introducing different shades into the space to help spruce things up a bit more. For instance, you could introduce the following:



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If you are someone who would rather not paint your kitchen walls or hang large pieces of wall art on them, then consider instead grouping a few of your favorite objects together and creating a wall decor space in the kitchen. Some of these items can include the following:

*Old dishes
*Framed items
*Empty photo frames

The best part of this option is that there is really no set of rules that you really have to follow, meaning you can really let all of your creative juices flow as much as you want to. A useful suggestion in order to save time is to arrange everything on the floor or the kitchen table before hanging them on the wall. This will help prevent you from making any unnecessary extra holes in the wall that will just have to be covered up later on.