Excitement surrounds new homeowners. They cannot help but look back on their journey to owning a home. And they cannot wait to share their joy. So when that invite comes along asking you to be part of the celebration, it is hard not to feel giddy about it. Your thoughts are likely to head straight to ‘what should I get them?’ Do you go for a 24K rose to symbolize the strength of this new step? Do you get something small and go with the minimalist look? What do you do?

If you are unable to decide what would work for your loved ones, here are a few gift ideas. Not only are they luxurious, but they will also meet the needs of the homeowners:

Photo Frame

With the coming of technology, people have relied on their gadgets to reminisce those happy moments. While this works, it does not have the personal touch of a picture framed and hoisted for all to see. If you have a friend, who loves to collect photos and create beautiful frames from these, get them a nice frame. And since you are aiming for a luxurious gift, how about one from a talented designer?

Jewelry Box

Is your friend always in search of a lost earring, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry? You can help them keep track of their belongings by getting them a beautiful jewelry box. Luckily, there are many finishes from which you can choose. If you have had a sneak pic of the house (thanks to social media updates and whatnot), get a box in line with the theme. Or you could go with a hue you know they will love.

Scented Candles

What is the first thing you subconsciously notice about a home? For most people, it is the smell. If a house smells great, everything falls into place. But where the air has a foul odor, people find it hard to appreciate even the most beautiful of art pieces. Getting a scented candle for the homeowners would, therefore, be an ideal present. They can use them when entertaining guests, enjoying late-night dinners, or other special events. Plus, there are tons of subtle designs on the market to ensure the gift is not an eyesore.

If the concept of candles feels overdone to you, how about a diffuser? This beauty will release mist into the air ever so often, creating a flow of sweet scents throughout the house.


While this is a risky choice when you don’t know much as to the décor of the house, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Get it right, and your cushion will have a place in the heart of the home. Not only does a cushion exude luxury, but it also adds to the homey feel of the house.

You can bundle up the cushion with some bedding and towels as a way of cozying up the place. Here is a tip: go for patterns. If you can get patterned designs, more so handcrafted ones, you will have made quite the entrance.


It might seem like cliché to show up with flowers during a housewarming party, but it works. It is simple and will put a smile on the hosts if it is well-thought-out. Get flowers that work with tons of decors and those which do not call for much work. After all, you are trying to make their move easy and not add more work to the process.

Think of things the homeowners would appreciate. Maybe they like a well-stocked bar; perhaps they are all about entertaining guests. Zero in on their likes, and you are sure to get the gift right. All the best!