There is no such person that doesn’t dream of owning a breathtaking, luxurious home to be proud of. Deeply integrated in human nature, the wish to make your interiors look more expensive derives from the fact you want the home to represent your livelihood, passions, or lifestyle.

Most people, however, give up on the idea because of being inspired by expensive and unattainable magazine examples, but the truth is that things don’t have to go that way.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a glamorous interior is to replicate expensive taste with affordable materials. This should be enough to make your home’s interiors glamorous without spending a fortune to achieve it. This is how:

The mirror game

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You1 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Michael Abrams Limited

Large or small, mirrors are classic glamour accessories that add light, depth, and sophistication to every room. There is a huge cost difference from one mirror to the other, but the good thing is that even cheapest ones look amazing in a plain-edged design. Few of them will make your place look expensive even without a French showstopper that could drain your budget.

Wisely chosen colors

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You2 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

The ‘magic’ is to apply high intensity hues, such as turquoise or red on an elegant backdrop of neutral shades and shimmery metals.

You can also go for the tone-on-tone sophisticated look, crispy contrasts such as black and white or unobtrusive patterns in pale colors.

Designers usually recommend champagne, blush, and light blue as the colors of elegance, which understate the power of your investment without attracting unnecessary attention.

Cut on expensive wallpapers by framing them

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You3 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Slifer Designs

We’re absolutely sure you have nothing against dazzling damask wallpapers made of smooth velvet, but at the same time we’re all aware that covering entire walls with them can cost a dime.

Why not going for a smaller roll instead, and framing it with thin wall moldings? This strategy saves a lot of money, and it still produces the high-end looks you want to obtain.

Glass tables in the entryway

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You4 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: kodu design

Glamorous villas and expensive residences have big and well-decorated entryways, so the first thing you need to consider when replicating their looks is how to make the one you have visually larger. The trick is fairly simple-you need a clean glass table, with no details and accessories. You will be surprised by the effect!

Glam-ward fabrics and furniture pieces

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You5 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Paul Rice Architecture

Your chaise lounge or ottoman may not be as expensive-looking as you need it to be, but covering it with sumptuous charcoal velvet can do the job the right way. Obviously, if your budget allows it, you can always go for some more exclusive solutions (the classy boudoir-red crushed velvet, for instance).

Velvet is essential for glamorous homes, since it can give even second-hand furniture the expensive sheen of luxurious interior. In terms of colors, try to stick with jewel-bright tones, especially such that attract attention instantly (purple, green, and blue).

Sleek and glossy furnishing

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You6 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd

Having a Hollywood-inspired bedroom is not that difficult nowadays, since there are many high-lacquered finishes that can lend the long-desired glamorous look to your average furniture.

Think of Lucite end tables that sparkle when exposed to daylight, or even refresh your vintage pieces with some metallic paint.

As for shapes, stick with Art Deco’s bold geometrics, the mirrors and metallic surfaces with sharp-lined design. Finally, look for a small vanity table and a Broadway inspired makeup mirror on it. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Modernize the fireplace with a screen

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You7 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Beyond Home Theater

As wonderful as they are, fireplaces are avoided in modern interiors, so in case you have one, dress it up using sleek and beautiful screens.

It can be a mirror, a fancy golden board, or any other shiny accessory you think about at the moment. It is one of the simplest and least expensive changes you can make back home, but at the same time one of the most powerful focal points. Try it and you will see!

Take advantage of oversized triptych

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You8 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

There is nothing more glamorous than a gallery feel achieved by displaying statement art, even if your collection is not the most expensive ever.

Large triptych canvas can really attract attention, especially if you’re looking for a place where you can let your own creativity loose. In case you’re not that arty, but still want to save few bucks, think of some talented friend that can help out.

Replace the appliances

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You10 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Inspired Interiors

Does the dishwasher seem a bit outdated for your fancy makeover? Replace it! DO the same with the oven, dryer, or washing machine. The appliances don’t have to be the most expensive you can find, but rather ones that look classy enough to support the contemporary looks of your home.

Chandeliers in unexpected places

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You9 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Shelley Starr Design

Chandeliers are more and more often in rooms where nobody is expecting them. Quite often, you can find ones in the bathroom, kitchen, or even the hallway.

Depending on what you like, you can go for whimsical or colored crystal chandeliers, even ones decorated with birds, flowers, etc. There is a wide range of modern designs to choose from, and they appear in all sizes and colors.

Pad the headboards

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You11 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Taylor Howes Designs

Sounds ‘hotelish’, doesn’t it? A padded headboard spreads a luxurious breeze from the first moment you look at it, which doesn’t necessarily make it expensive.

In fact, the crafty among you can do their own padding, either with cut-to-size foam, MDF, or plywood, and with an appropriate fabric you like. There are few universal choices you can’t go wrong with, taupe silk or chocolate-colored suede, for instance.

The power of gold spray-paint

Gold spray paint is the perfect mean to revive old furniture with just a bit of TLC. It is very handy for rusty metal accessories, which can even be completely sprayed after detailed sanding.

With gold spray in the tool box, you can turn even garden rocks into tasteful decorations, putting them on the coffee table or between your books on the shelf.

You can do the same to refresh flower pots, drawer pulls, or plastic figurines. They will look significantly more expensive!

Flower arrangements

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You13 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Jane Lockhart Interior Design

These are the favorite assets of fancy cafes and restaurants, and there is a good reason for it. Only few foliage springs and fresh flower arrangements are capable to transfer the feeling of everyday luxury, even if they don’t cost the earth.

Buy them regularly in the local grocery shop (specifically sachet blooms or long-lasting plants), or plant your own garden if you have enough time for it.


Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You12 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd

Natural stone looks elegant wherever applied, which is why people choose to use it on large surfaces, such as their hallway floors or living room walls.

Stone creates the impression or grandeur, but in case you cannot afford it, remember that ceramic tiles have the same power.

Floor-long curtains

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You14 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Sutro Architects

The longer-the better, that’s the rule when it comes to curtains and drapes. Such are genuine synonyms of luxury land, both when made of inexpensive fabrics or pricey lace.

All you have to do is to use lining, and do hanging on hidden tracks. Ideally, there should be an equally long voile behind them, so that they you will have enough privacy.


Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You15 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: ACR Villa Skovly

Crown molding is another interesting tactic to add glam to your place. You can add it to the ceiling or the baseboards-in both cases, it will be the real jewelry your home needed to appear more expensive.

The door and window frames can also use molding, in case you want them to look more stylish.

Clustering the cushions

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You16 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: WA Design Architects

You probably know this already, but it is simply unsurpassable! Plumped-up cushions are extremely stylish and personalized, and when arranged en masse, they express confidence and excellent taste.

The best thing about them is that buying them won’t involve tons of cash.

Glass tabletops

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You17 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: Heather Merenda

While this is a rule for coffee tables, not many people dare to apply it on dining table. But why not shifting towards this interesting base, and buying a dining table with a completely transparent glass top?

It will certainly look admirable, but it will also make the place feel more airy and fresh.

Use your own imagination

Make-Your-Interiors-Look-More-Expensive-And-Represent-You18 Make Your Interiors Look More ExpensiveImage source: A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

First of all, it will be cheaper. Hiring a designer or looking for solutions that may not be exactly replicable will take away plenty of time and cash.

Instead, take your time and style up the things you already have. Divide them according to their similarities-this is a simple trick that takes few minutes, but at the same time a shortcut towards an expensively-looking home.