Today, the construction industry is experiencing exponential growth. From rising demand for houses to increased commercialization – the construction industry will continue to thrive in the coming years. Well, this growth in the construction sector has increased competition. Many contractors have opened a construction business on a small scale to cater to individual clients. So, the question is, how do you make your construction company stand out from the rest?

Usually, entrepreneurs try to offer additional services with the construction package, but that’s not how you do business. Instead, you have to figure out unique ways to market your company. Selling construction services online on social media might seem odd, but that’s how things happen today. Thus, don’t let your marketing strategy sit on the back burner while the rivals penetrate the market. You have to develop a competent marketing plan that generates a lot of business for the company.

In addition, you have to sell your services in a way that seems captivating to the audience. However, if you are clueless about the marketing world, let us show you the ropes. Here we are listing five marketing strategies that you can implement for your construction business.

1.       Take Advantage of SEO

Usually, marketers talk about Facebook Ads when it comes to marketing, but what about search engines? Your construction business can get the same benefit by optimizing a webpage for the search engine. First, you have to produce compelling content to impress the site visitors and search engine bots. Understand what clients expect from a construction company and upload relevant content. It would position your site on the top results, offering more visibility.

However, if this doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, hand it over to the experts. For this purpose, you can look for reputable companies around your area or from an online source. For instance, if you are located in Minneapolis, MN, United States, you can search for Commercial Construction Marketing – Hook Agency to run successful campaigns. Alongside helping with SEO, they would help you acquire prospective customers by targeting the relevant keywords. In addition, marketing experts would ensure your website interface comply with search engines’ standards, further enhancing visibility.

2.       Features Your Employees

The construction business has become challenging because of massive competition and because contractors have to gain customer trust. After all, the construction horror stories make it arduous for clients to trust the companies. Thus, if there is any chance of converting a lead into a well-paying customer, you must establish trust. For that, you have to show the human side of your business.

Maybe, you can feature your staff or workers in the marketing campaigns. Similarly, put small videos of your employees talking about their work experience. At the same time, upload a few images of your staff on the company’s homepage. When clients see human faces behind the business, they tend to develop a connection. Perhaps, you can call it a small step of building trust in your offerings.

3.       Set Up Local Service Ads

Many people don’t know, but the Google local service ads precisely align with the construction industry. If anyone searches for ‘construction business near me,’ your service ad with a Google badge appears on the top results. Alongside that, it has your company’s number attached, encouraging people to take action immediately. Sounds interesting, no? To make this work, you have to set up the local service ads on Google.

Firstly, you have to sign up as a service provider on Google My Business. You have to mention all the services you offer and your location so that Google shows ads to the correct local customers. Secondly, set your budget for the ads based on the number of leads you wish to generate. You have the option to set a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly budget. Remember, you only have to pay when the visitors click on your ads, avoiding unnecessary costs. Once you set this up, turn on the ads to reach local customers quickly.

4.       Create Stellar Video Content

Today, almost one-third of digital users spend time online watching videos. Also, video content has led to a 157% increase in organic traffic for companies. So, why not create a few videos for your construction business? You can show off your projects by uploading videos of the construction process. Likewise, you can create transition videos of ‘before and after’ since people like seeing something incredible built out of nothing.

Moreover, videos can also help in building a brand personality. Besides a few time-lapse videos of the construction process, you can create some fun company culture videos. It would make your construction business look more personable, capturing audiences’ attention. In addition, compelling video content will boost engagement online, putting your business in the limelight.

5.       Invest in Social Media Marketing

Previously, businesses used to put signboards to direct people towards their company. Now, you have to use social media as a signboard to showcase your business. You can create a business profile on popular forums such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There, you have to create interactive posts to educate and attract digital users. You can make 50% of the posts promotional, and the rest can be anything from news to humor.

Apart from this, you can use social media to interact with potential customers. As people leave comments under your posts, respond to them positively. Likewise, if someone wants more information or quotations, directly message them. It would reflect positively on your business, showing that you care about the customers. Most importantly, don’t forget to jump on board with interesting topics. Whenever you notice a trending topic relating to your company, create a few hashtags and get people talking about it. After all, isn’t that what marketing is about, creating awareness?

Final Thoughts

Not many people consider the idea of marketing the construction business since it belongs in the service industry. Nowadays, the internet is nothing less than an oyster of opportunities for everyone. As a construction business owner, you have to create strategic marketing strategies to make the company stand out. Likewise, invest in digital marketing and learn about SEO to see your business thrive in this competitive landscape.

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