Interior design in its current form permits literally everything. Mixing furniture styles in a single room in peaceful coexistence is absolutely possible, or even desirable for a fresher, unique look.

You no longer have to worry whether the bedroom set is going to match the new vanity, because the mix-and-match style is here to stay.

Its popularity might as well be connected to the idea of freedom and openness, and the chance to intellectualize space to the extent that it would match your personality.

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look13 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Molly McGinness Interior Design

Rules, however, exist because not everybody knows what to do with freedom once it is given to him.

We already confirmed that matching furniture with your décor is no longer a priority, but choosing the appropriate pieces will still require thought and introspection.

Therefore, we invite you to check out our tips on how to mix and match furniture the right way:

Pick your theme

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We’ll say at least a couple of times how mixing furniture allows you to bring home whatever piece you like, but that’s only partially true.

Even when pieces are completely different from each other, there must be a common element that will keep them visually connected. The ideal one is a good theme, for instance modern or midcentury scenarios.

Generalized themes are also good options, such as applying only neutral colors, or decorating with strong and dramatic contrasts. Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve developed a proper plan on how to execute it before you start shopping.

Repurpose the pieces you have

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look2 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: sarah & bendrix

The very idea of using furniture in a different way sounds entertaining, and it gives you more or less the picture of how great mixing things up could be.

It may even mean that you will move a drawer chest from the bedroom in the kitchen: it will still make the place look fresh and new.

Don’t forget that adding accessories and decorative details can make furniture look very different, so consider spreading few candles here and there. Needless to say, this is the cheapest way to reorganize your home, and to make it feel completely different than before.

Uniting with colors

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look3 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Borden Interiors & Associates

The colors of you cute mix-and-match chaos should at least be similar to each other, so narrow the palette down to no more than two neutral shades.

This palette will be the base where you can add accent shades to make furniture pieces look nice together, and will help you maintain the balance without drowning into a sea of unconnected colors.

Fabrics and textures can also complement the idea, as long as they are similar with each other.

Scale means the world to your mix-and-match strategy

Make sure that the scale of your entire décor stays in the same realm. It may sound like an interesting idea, but placing overstuffed and huge chairs next to a carved loveseat you inherited from your grandmother won’t look anyhow cute.

Embrace contrasts

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look4 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Beckwith Interiors

They are scary, that’s true, but they are at the same time your strongest asset for adding extra excitement to your ambiance. Be brave, and mix strong patterns with plain areas, light colors with dark ones, or even metal with wood. The vibe will be just charming!

Besides, contrast is an invaluable mean to prioritize, and to make your favorite piece dominate the space even without placing it in the very centre.

Modern spaces, for instance, could benefit from rustic armchairs as focal points. Try it, and you will see that the attention will be immediately drawn towards the chair, something that would never happen in a completely rustic country-style room.


Keep the shapes similar even when the style is different, because shapes have the final word of what matches and what doesn’t. Let us give you an example: buy only chairs that have rounded arms, or low profile backs.

Use patterns

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look5 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Patterns are both interesting and very powerful when it comes to connecting different pieces. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t misuse their power, and exaggerate with too different or too strong designs.

Large scale patterns, for instance, can make a room look stuffed and busy, even when there is not too much furniture around.

Establish balance

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look6 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Beth Webb Interiors

When you combine several styles in one room, the most important task is not to let things go out of control. You should establish balance between all elements and accessories you’ve brought inside; otherwise you’re risking a completely disjointed room.

Balancing is easiest with neutral shades, because they unify places and give them some breathing space. Therefore, they should occupy critical positions in the room (the largest wall or the biggest piece of furniture), as that will also provide some space for striking solutions.

Find a companion for each and every piece

Don’t let any of the elements stand alone, and give it at least one ‘friend’ that has the same color, finish, or style. Mix-and-match solutions can’t tolerate lonesome pieces, which is why you need to have at least two similar objects.

Take advantage of textures

Balance is by far more interesting when applied in a less visible way, which would mean straying from sizes, colors, and shapes, and tying elements with smooth textures.

Texture is unfortunately an overlooked aspect in design, especially if one considers the tactility it can offer to every style and décor.

Not all woods look good together

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look7 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Samantha Friedman Interior Designs

Except of color, age, and duration, woods can be distinguished by their so-called formality. For example, classic oak, mahogany, and cherry are considered to be the most formal and sophisticated woods, which is why they look awesome when combined in a single room.

On the other hand, there are bamboo, pine, and maple, which are almost completely informal, and while they look perfectly fit for each other you should avoid mixing them with the formal family.

Color is also an important moment when matching furniture, so you should stick to a single one from the wood classification. Translated to simpler terms, you should use brown, grey, yellow, or red wood, or mix no more than two of these shades.

Accents all around

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look8 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Cathy Phillips & Co

Accents should be small, but impressive enough to break the monotony and to bring flair of freshness and excitement in the room.

You can choose anything you like: a unique lamp, a bright cushion, metal mirror frame, etc. Still, resist the temptation to overdo your accessorizing, because you can turn the room into a distracting place that doesn’t have an atmosphere of its own.

Keep furniture legs similar, or hide them completely

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look12 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Island Architects

Legs can be a serious problem when bringing multiple furniture pieces together, and they can make even the emptiest place look cluttered.

Therefore, try using pieces with similar or completely hidden legs, or cover them so that they won’t be seen (skirting the sofa is a good way to start).

Adjust moods

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look9 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: M/I Homes

Think of the purpose of the room you’re decorating, and choose the appropriate moods for it. If it is the bedroom where you’re going to relax after work, stuffy, heavy, and elegant pieces simply won’t do it for you.

Instead, you should keep materials soft and linings simple, even when pieces vary in style.

Finalize it with cute details

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look10 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: DesRosiers Architects

Accessorizing back home will have the very same role it has in fashion: it will complete the looks. Thereof, you should also look for small and cute items, as for instance picture frames, vases, lamps or other personal elements that can enrich your rooms.

The critical moment, however, is to place them appropriately, because placement is the exact thing distinguishes interesting places from overdone ones.

There are many other items you could use as finishing touches. A good idea would be to add a soft rug, or to mix the shades on your curtains for a chic and eye-catchy appearance.

Mixing-Furniture-Styles-For-A-Unique-Look11 Mixing Furniture Styles For A Unique LookImage source: Wonderland Homes

You’ll be surprised by how much small details can transform places, assuming that you’ve combined them in a balanced visual context.

Finally, the mix-and-match strategy is the key to making your home more similar to your personality, which automatically indicates that you will enjoy staying with it.

The second huge advantage of this strategy is that it empowers your creativity and will to experiment, and you can therefore make any of your ideas come true.

Still, take care of details and finishing touches, because they will wither make or break the cohesive picture of your home.