Mobile homes can become a valid housing alternative if you want a compact and comfortable home without giving up the possibility of moving to different places.

What are Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes are prefabricated wooden houses built on a wooden base fixed to a metal frame equipped with rubber wheels and a drawbar. Wanting to simplify, they are a sort of big sisters of the caravans, but definitely bigger, sturdier, and more comfortable. Unlike the latter, in fact, the mobile home inside is equipped with separate rooms and equipment present in traditional homes.

This type of home has been in common use for several decades in the United States, but is rapidly gaining share in Pakistan as well, thanks to a wide range of models for all budgets and needs. The main use of a mobile home is for tourism, but more and more people choose it as their main residence, as they are compact and practical, to be placed on their own private land. At waterfront block , the developers have started the construction of Mobile Homes as well.

How is a Mobile Home Made?

This type of home shares a long series of advantages with prefabricated wooden houses. Thanks to the modular multilayer walls, the mobile home enjoys optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, thus eliminating the risks of mold and infiltrations.

The roof can be of the single or double pitch type: in any case, it is an element that contributes in an essential way to the high energy efficiency of the mobile home. At the plant level, mobile homes can be equipped with modern equipment such as heat pumps and solar thermal or photovoltaic panels.

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And the interiors? Compared to motorhomes and caravans, entering a mobile home immediately perceives the difference. The environments are reminiscent of the rooms of a real house in every way, with furniture, coverings, and accessories perfectly in line with what we see every day in our homes. The space is extremely optimized and this contributes to increasing the level of comfort and habitability.

How Much do Mobile Homes Cost?

Obviously, compared to a fixed prefabricated wooden house or a building built with traditional technologies and materials, mobile homes cost less. It is above all the dimensions and internal equipment that affect the final price. The range is approximately between 100,000 rupees for the smallest and most essential houses and 500,000 rupees for the largest and most equipped models. In terms of square footage, we can find extremely small mobile homes, even below 20 square meters, up to very large models, over 60 square meters. Some are even equipped with telescopic systems that allow you to enlarge the spaces once you reach your destination.

vpf-mobile-homes-compact-line Mobile Homes: What they are, How Much they Cost, and How to Use them VPF Mobile Homes – Compact Line

Mobile Homes: What Does the Law Say?

License plate and homologation, these are the two essential prerequisites for putting a mobile home on the road and circulating in Italy. The maximum width must be 2.55 meters and the structure must be subjected to periodic overhaul by the Motorization as for any other moving vehicle.

What if we decide to install the mobile home on our land? In the case of permanent permanence in a place, at the regulatory level, the house loses its mobility characteristics and it is, therefore, necessary to have a Building Permit, Scia, authorizations from local authorities and certifications for user connections as for traditional homes.

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Mobile and Fixed Wooden Houses: Do you Want to Know More?

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