In most cases, the staircases are ignored until the last moment of the design process. If you want to give a new dimension and spirit to the classical staircases, there are many options to achieve that.

Traditionally, the staircases are simply created with one purpose – to help you get from one floor to another. But we present something that will assure that the most ordinary and everyday work can be absolutely awesome.

The human imagination is definitely boundless, but an evident example of the joining of art and imagination are definitely the unique floating stairs.

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase14 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: 3AD Architect Office

These charming floating staircases are gradually becoming a global trend and are evolving very quickly.

They are coming in different styles, in order to suite on any type of design, starting from Victorian, contemporary to modern.

The floating stairs are a must-have item if you want to create a modern, sophisticated and stylish home.

When you need ideas for stairs, do not hesitate to incorporate floating staircases, they will surely become one of your favorite parts of the interior.

What is a floating staircase?

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase6 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Heritage Doors and Floors LTD

The floating staircases are created without support underneath them. In some situations, depending on the customer’s choice, they even lack the handrail in order to give more extravagant look.

Now you may wonder how are they created. The answer is that they are attached to the wall or to a hidden stringer on one side, and create the impression that they are floating in the air.

These kinds of staircases are a perfect idea for people aiming towards excellence.

Space savers

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase7 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Moon Bros Inc

Not that only they will provide a luxurious look, the floating staircases are also an excellent solution when you don’t have enough space in the area.

As we said, they are usually supported to the wall and you will end up with a lot of space underneath them that you can smartly use.

Also, they allow more light to come into the apartment compared with the traditional staircases.

Another positive thing is that you can choose among different structures, including straight, quarter turned and curved.


Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase8 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: William Roy Designer Kitchens

No matter if they are used in the house or in your office, the floating stairs are really astonishing and provide a timeless simplicity.

They are coming in an endless number of models and applications. Depending on your needs, you can choose wooden, glass, stone and many other materials of steps.

Here we will present to you some of them. It is left to you to decide which one you like the most.

Floating stairs made of wood

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase2 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Antonio Chaves

The wood gives an impression of very strong and stable floating staircase.

If you opt for the modern staircase model where the handrail is missing and for a circular way position you will create a very unusual and eye-catching design.

Aiming towards the sky

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase12 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Simply+Modern

If you want to have a stairway design that is found in one of a million cases, you should opt for stairs made of glass.

To contribute even more to the uniqueness, incorporate a see-through glass windows in your house. Like this, you will create impression as you are walking through the clouds.

White Walls

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase9 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Recent Spaces

If you have white walls in your house, the color of the staircase should definitely be black. It will extremely stand out, since black and white are contrasting colors.

A good suggestion in this situation is to choose a spiral floating staircase and contribute even more to the dramatic look.

Small house

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase11 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Julie Firkin Architects

If you are living in a small apartment and your living room and kitchen are on different floors, a good solution is to add a suspended staircase. This kind of staircase will create a very stylish environment and make the space feel choppy.

Mix of materials

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase1 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Tillman Domotics

As we said you can choose among many different materials for the staircases. But why not mix them?

Choose the two or even three types of materials that you find most suitable to the entire design of the house. Use one of the chosen materials for the stairs and the other for the handrail.

With this option, you will surely create very different and uncommon floating stairs.

Spiral form staircases

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase17 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: BAAN design

The spiral staircases spread around the entire interior a special elegant and sophisticated aura.

There are many different designs and styles of spiral stairs, some of which perfectly fit into the big, some into small interiors.

Although the structure of the stairs looks large and bulky, spiral staircases have the ability not to visually narrow space, but rather to give the space a greater sense of freedom and latitude.

Discreet design

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase13 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Tollot&C LLC.

If you want to create a discrete and modern staircase you can choose the option to support only one end of the staircase to the wall.

It will create a very discrete look and will take a minimal amount of space.

When the staircase is part of the living room

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase16 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Island Architects

In this situation, the best idea is to aim for as simple as possible floating staircase. Choose a color that will genuinely match with the entire living room’s decoration and will add an additional dose of sophistication.

Metal color floating steps

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase15 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Steven Ginn Architects LLC

If you want to create a modern and luxurious floating staircase we suggest to incorporate metal colors. They are simple enough but have the power to create a very royal and authentic design.


Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase3 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Elad Gonen

We know that the floating stairs are extremely modern and innovative, but if you decide to incorporate them in your house bear in mind that you need to make them as safe as possible.

This is very important if you have kids. Make sure the staircases to be made from a non-slippery material and to have a guardrail for support when walking.

Transparent guardrail

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase4 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Purple Cherry Architects

If you want to include a guard rail for safety reasons but don’t want it to be eye-catching, then you can buy a transparent one. It will create a very chic look, but you will also be safe from any undesired situations.

The positive side of the Floating Stairs

Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase5 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: Webber + Studio, Architects

Not only that they are innovative and modern, the suspended stairs are coming with way more benefits.

They allow for a greater amount of light to enter into the room, also they are very suitable for smaller apartments.

They will save you a lot of space and you can also use the area beneath them for some other needs and preferences of yours.


Modern-And-Exquisite-Floating-Staircase10 Modern And Exquisite Floating Staircase DesignsImage source: David Brandsen Construction Inc.

Regardless of the form, style and design, as well as the material from which they are made, the stairs are the first thing to note when you step in the house.

While many of us live in a multistory house or apartment in the arrangement of the interior we usually forget the stairs.

Stairs actually are among the essential elements that give the final look and style and complement to the interior.

They are the element that connects two separate areas and always falls first in focus.

Given the dual function of stairs – practical and decorative, they are an important part of the home that does not deserve to be overshadowed by other decorative items and pieces of furniture.

So, choose some of the floating staircases that we suggested and create a unique and eye-catching interior.

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