Let’s face it: the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. After a long day, you go there to take care of yourself, relax, and unwind. So, it’s important to make sure your modern bathroom follows all the latest trends so you can enjoy every moment you spend there. Here are seven cool ways to decorate your modern bathroom:

Light up your bathroom

m2-1 Modern Bathroom Ideas: How To Style Your Bathroom

A bathroom can be a very dark place. If you want to liven it up and make it brighter, consider these options:

  • Use a chandelier. Chandeliers are classic fixtures that will instantly add elegance to your bathroom. They’re also great for distributing natural light throughout the room—especially if you have high ceilings and windows on opposite sides.
  • Use a skylight. Skylights are another excellent way to bring more light into your space without compromising privacy or aesthetics (like with overhead lights). The best part? They don’t require any maintenance! Just ensure they’re installed properly so they don’t leak during heavy rains or snowstorms, which could cause serious damage if addressed after a period of time.
  • Use a wallpaper. Using a geode mural wallpaper can help light up your room and add up an aesthetic and elegant look.
  • Use window placement as an opportunity for drama by placing large windows along one side wall rather than across from each other at opposite ends of open space; this creates depth within your design scheme while still letting plenty of daylight in through glass panes that cost less than tinted ones since they don’t require special treatment in order maintain the appearance over time due to exposure outdoors often being harsher than indoors due to presence sunlight shining directly onto surfaces without having anything blocking its path now towards them!

Use a statement shower

m3 Modern Bathroom Ideas: How To Style Your Bathroom

Shower curtains can add color to your bathroom without committing to an entire wall of the same hue. They can also create interesting focal points, such as when they’re used as curtains around bathtubs or in shower stalls.

If you want to display a playful and bold vibe, Here’s how:

  • Try using a shower curtain with a fun pattern or abstract design. It will make your space more colorful while bringing an edgy atmosphere, that way, it doesn’t look like every other bathroom out there!

Mix up your tiles

Mixing up your tiles to add style and personality to your bathroom. Tile is available in many colors and patterns and can be used on walls, floors, and ceilings. You can choose any tile you want and mix it will different patterns or colors that appeal to you most.

Hide your toilet

Consider replacing the toilet with a wall-hung version if you have a separate bathroom. This will save space and make it more discreet to use at night or when guests come over. If you have no room to spare, consider using a glass door so that the toilet is still hidden but can be seen from outside. Another option would be to integrate the toilet into your bathroom design so that it looks in the right place and takes up only a little space!

A real statement bathtub

  • An old-fashioned clawfoot tub, or even better yet, an antique white one from the 1920s, is great for creating a romantic atmosphere in your bathroom.
  • You can also choose a modern tub with clean lines and a simple design from The White Company pictured here, which looks so sleek in its minimalism!

Add some plants

m4 Modern Bathroom Ideas: How To Style Your Bathroom

Plants are one of the most effective ways to bring life and color into your bathroom. They also help with humidity and air quality, not to mention that they can provide cleaning services for your bathroom (by filtering out harmful toxins). If you’re interested in going green, consider using a plant that needs no soil—a cactus is ideal as it’s low-maintenance but still adds some visual interest.

Use mirrors to make the room feel bigger

Mirrors are a valuable addition to your bathroom style, as they can help you create the illusion of space. Mirrors reflect light, make the room brighter, and reflect the view outside your windows. If you want to make it seem like there’s more space in your tiny bathroom, try adding a mirror on one side of the wall (or multiple mirrors on both sides) that reflects the inside of the room. This will make it look bigger than it is!


Remember, the bathroom is an extension of your personality. As a result, it should reflect your style and taste. That’s why it’s important to plan out your design before you start making changes.

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