A practical and easy alternative to transform your home is to invest in modern wallpaper. These wall coverings can give an instant makeover to any space including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. Can you imagine renovating that dull apartment without having to hire labor or get trained in building construction?

The solution is removable wallpaper, which has several options of modern designs, prints, and textures. Floral, nautical, abstract, geometric, thematic, and more – you’ll find every style here. To help you, we have listed some fun ideas to implement in your home. Read on!

How to choose modern wallpaper?

To decorate a house, a little understanding is necessary in order to visualize the environment as a whole. Colors, textures, and shapes are some of the aspects that you must pay attention to when decorating. All of this must respect the style you have chosen, along with your taste and personality. This way, your house will become cozier, more charming, and all about you.

Removable wallpaper is a more accessible and practical option when compared to other wall coverings. Bring home Walls By Me removable wallpaper and transform your living space yourself, with several design options for all styles. You can apply these self adhesive wallpapers to walls and ceilings, as well as on furniture, doors, beams, and much more.

To get started, check out the best ideas for decorating your home with modern wallpaper. See below:

Wallpaper for living room

wallpaperroom Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

In the living room, the most suitable wall decor options are basics, classics, shiplap, floral, and those with nature-inspired designs. Everything will depend on the style chosen and how it will harmonize with the rest of the items in the room. For example, for a rustic chic touch in the living room, wallpapers with wood, shiplap, and faux brick effects are ideal.

Another example is to use concrete, marble, and stone effects for a clean, unique, and modern look. For those who like a little more depth and interest in their decor, designs with geometric, floral, and botanical prints in neutral tones are creative and charming alternatives.

wallpaperfloral Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

These options can be used both on a single wall and on several walls. Another tip for upgrading your living room ambiance: If the space has visible beams, consider covering the beams with removable wallpaper that has a faux wood effect. This will make the space much cozier visually.

Wallpaper for bedrooms

wallpaperbedroom Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

For bedrooms, your wallpaper choice should take into account the style preferred by the room’s inhabitant. After all, the reason we put so much thought into our decor is so that the person can enjoy their moments of leisure, rest, and even work.

For couples’ and guests’ rooms, neutral color options work very well, and modern wallpapers with wood, brick, geometric, nautical, botanical, and abstract effects can be used.

For children’s and babies’ rooms, one can have fun with interesting thematic designs, such as those depicting galaxies, animals, nature, sports, and royalty, among others. Thus, without spending too much you can transform the room in a short while.

wallpaperbedroomkids Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

Teenagers’ rooms can feature unique thematic options, but more neutral designs also work well here. To decide on the best option, you need to check the style that appeals to you the most. For rock’n’roll lovers, removable wallpapers with dramatic red brick, graffiti or skull effects are perfect. There are also models with geometric designs for teenagers who like a more modern look.

Office wallpaper

The office can be decorated to appear all grown up and sober or all fun and modern, depending on how you like it. The point to take into consideration is who is going to use it. Do you run a business with a formal setup? Then the best removable wallpaper options for you would include refined designs, such as abstract, faux wood effects, or even some nautical and brick designs.

wallpaperhomeoffice Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

In offices for young people or for a more relaxed look, you can make use of designs with colorful and thematic prints, including geometric, dotted, and nature-inspired compositions, among many others. Depending on the design, you can even apply it to the office ceiling.

wallpapergeometric Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

Wallpaper for bathrooms

Once again, you have to look at the usage and specifics. Is it a shared bathroom, or is it exclusive to a couple, or their children, or is it a washroom? These considerations will influence the style you choose keeping the user(s) in mind.

wallpaperbathroomblue Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

In public or semi-public bathrooms or even couples’ bathrooms, it is advisable to use neutral wallpaper, with wood, tile, floral, nautical, or abstract effects. Consider the overall style of the house, and choose the most harmonious option. This way, your bathroom decor won’t stand out in the wrong ways. A versatile, unisex design will help maintain the same style overall, ensuring that your home remains sophisticated.

For children’s and teens’ bathrooms, you can add more elements and make it thematic. Colorful options can also be used, as long as you consider the other items in the space. An important point to remember in the case of a bathroom inside a suite, is that it should ideally have the same style as the room.

There are two primary options when it comes to washroom decor: maintain the same style as the rest of the house, or make a creative and striking space with a lot of personality. For those who choose to transform their washroom into a distinctive space, colorful prints and distinctive, elaborate wallpapers can help make a statement.Popular options are floral wallpaper, designs with branches and leaves, nautical compositions, and colorful tiles.

wallpaperbathroom Modern wallpaper: advantages and inspirations for decorating

Now that we’ve spoiled you for choice, you can get set to bring home your favorite wallpapers and quickly apply them to your walls. After all, removable modern wallpaper is a reliable bet when it comes to making your decoration stylish and fun, and you can put it up yourself. Added bonus: it doesn’t damage the walls, so you can change it whenever you want. So, whether you’re renting or owning a house, update your decor without fear!

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