When was the last time you renovated your living room? Does your living room feel cramped, dark, and far from welcoming? Is it the kind of space that doesn’t feel ideal for entertaining? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, there’s a good chance your living room is in need of some modern updates. Whether you’re ready to tackle a full-fledge renovation project, or you’re just looking to make a few minor changes, there is plenty you can do that will make the space feel fresh.

To help inspire you to get the process going, here’s a look at five ways you can modernise your living room, offering a little something for all budgets.

Let as Much Light in as Possible

One key to making a space feel open, bright, and modern is to ensure you’re allowing as much light in as possible. Heavy and dark window coverings will just make the space feel closed in and dated.

While this tip can be as simple as changing out your window coverings, you may want to take things further and create more of an impact. That can include installing brand new windows or patio doors if your living room leads to a garden. uPVC doors can completely transform the room, and you can even go with a French style door to the garden to give a more elegant look. Check out The Home Design Group at for inspiration.

Update the Flooring

Flooring can also play a huge role in how your living room looks. You’ve also got a lot of different options in all different budget ranges, which means you’re bound to find a solution that works. If you have carpeting and don’t want the expense of installing new flooring, look into renting a professional steam cleaner to bring the carpets back to “like new” condition.

For more of an impact, you can invest in an area rug, or new flooring all together. Options can include tile, laminate, hardwood, and carpeting.

Move Around the Furniture

Here’s an update that doesn’t have to cost a single penny, yet it can give the room a fresh new feel. Sometimes all it takes is some creative thinking and some rearranging of the furniture you already have. This will change the flow and feel of the room, allowing you to modernise the space quickly and easily.

Add Some Artwork to the Room

It may be that your living room is lacking in personality, feeling bland and without any sort of focal point. If that’s the case, a quick fix can be to add some artwork into the space. This can mean wall art as well as decor pieces you can display on tables and shelves. Try not to worry about being overly ‘matchy’ – you just want to stick to one theme or colour palette.

A Bright Fresh Coat of Paint

Finally, no room is complete without a fresh coat of paint. In order to make it feel modern, think light bright and airy colours that will open up the space.

By using each of these tips, you’ll be able to modernise your living room in no time.