The monochrome look is a classic interior decorating style which has been popular with homeowners since the sixties and seventies. The earliest versions of this look used a strong combination of black and white to offset a simple palette of vibrant tones like red and pink. In recent years, however, this vivacious mix has been replaced with the minimalist duo of just black and white.

You can steal this style for yourself by leaving the four walls of a space white and offsetting them with a mixture of black and white furnishings and fixtures. If you are interested in recreating this style, think simple black and white chairs and inject interest with patterned rugs, curtains, pillows, and other little details and accents.

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-7 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

For those who think black and white is a bit too strong, it is possible to use beige or tan to tone things down – beige, tan, and stone colored flooring is great for bringing a more sober and soft vibe to a bold monochrome setup.

The bottom line is that the monochrome color palette does not have to be exclusively black and white.

This handy feature is here to offer you some wonderful tips and ideas on the best ways to create a monochromatic style in your home.

Monochrome for Work Spaces

The monochrome look is a good way to make a clear statement in any space within a house. The possibilities are near endless – you could put together an assortment of black and white photo frames on the wall, or ‘upcycle’ a tired desk or chair with a bold and modern style.

Monochrome Can Be Gentle Too

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-3 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

There is no reason why monochrome styles always have to be geometric, super strong, or visually arresting. The combination of black, white, and grey can be utilized to create a sober and soothing vibe. The trick to achieving this is to stay away from huge chunks of any one single tone and try to maintain a certain fluidity to patterns and designs. If in doubt, lots of gentle grey tones will likely soften the sharp edges of a black and white mix.

Investing In Monochrome!

Consider Balance

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-4 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

You do not have to fill a space with tonnes of black or dark colors to create something striking. This is fortunate for anybody who struggles for space in their home. If this sounds like you, keep your walls white and insert a small amount of black in the form of patterned wallpaper.

Do Not Be Afraid of Patterns

The common misconception is that, if an interior space is no filled with bright colors, it is somehow dull or boring, but this is not true. With the monochromatic style, you can bring in unusual patterns and get away with it – open your mind and consider amazing stripes and zebra patterns.

Think about Lighting

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-9 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

It is important to remember that lighting solutions are a vital component of any interior space. For example, a trendy black chandelier light or a cool lampshade is a quick and easy way to make a bold statement. You could even invest in signature accent lamps with matching black bases, for the floor and for surfaces.

Designing the Kitchen

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-5 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

The mix of black and white is perfectly suited to the kitchen. To make it work for you, paint worktops and cupboards white, if the space is fairly small. If you are lucky enough to have quite a big kitchen, feel free to use black worktops and cupboards and add white accents – either way, the strong mix of black and white is going to look special.

More to Life than Black and White

The monochromatic color theme goes beyond just black and white, so try to take into account the role that greys, silver, and even light pastel tones can play. For instance, begin your monochrome look with a grey or silver sofa (instead of a black or white one) and build up black and white accents around it.

Choosing Monochrome Components

Appreciation for Texture

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-12 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

The strong nature of the monochromatic color palette can be a bit jarring at times, but you can soften out those sharp edges with the use of gentle textures. You just need to add some attractive and soft accent pieces like knitted blankets and throws, velour pillows, and shag pile rugs, and your interior space will instantly become more appealing.

Use Prints Sparingly

The use of prints, when in abundance, can be just as jarring as too much sharp contrast, so go for the ‘less is more’ technique and pair black and white motifs with the main focal point of the space – usually the front facing wall.

The Impact of Height

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-8 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

If you stick to just two tones for fixtures and interior décor styles, you could end up with a room which looks a little drab. However, you can prevent this by experimenting with different heights and compositions. For example, one of the easiest ways to do this is make sure that objects on shelves and frames on walls are all positioned and placed at varying heights – it is a simple trick, but it makes a space appear more engaging to the eye.

Inject Some Personality

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-1 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

To inject a tonne of personality into a space, use houseplants to add a third bold tone to the monochromatic mix. In fact, lush green houseplants are great for giving black and white rooms an almost instant lift and vitality – they suddenly become much more homely and endearing.

Get Friendly with Gloss

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-11 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

Do you want to create a sleek and elegant room which never fails to make a bold impression? You can do this by adding interior drama with high gloss monochromatic accent pieces.

Illuminate the Space

You can use accent and spot lighting to illuminate important areas of a room and create focal points within monochromatic interiors. In fact, a floor lamp is an effective way to generate interest and emphasis within an attractively designed room.

Be Inspired by Scandinavia

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-2 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

To put together a very contemporary style, combine monochrome features and tones with light colored natural wood and materials. This is the time to learn that monochrome designs actually look wonderful when paired with natural resources, so start taking a leaf out of the Scandinavian method of interior design.

Experiment with Tones

You can combine grey and black accent pieces with a white background or white walls.

If you take advantage of a bit of leftover white paint, you can pair it with some grey and black accent pieces and create the monochromatic color theme on a budget with little effort and labor.

Toning Strong Colors Down

If necessary, you can also bring the force of monochromatic styles right down to a more gentle level by adding another color. For instance, blue works very well as a background for the strong and bold mix that is black and white.

Bring In Some Pastels

Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-10 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

As has already been mentioned, spring designs do not necessarily have to mean lots of pale pastels like yellow and orange, but they can be useful if you want to sharpen the edges of a bold monochromatic look. The choice of pastel peach, olive green, and lemon yellow can be funky and exciting, especially when combined with black, grey, and white.

Wallpaper Is Important Too

Now that you are really ready to start putting together monochromatic interiors, it could be time to go bold and invest in a monochrome wallpaper. This is a move which is guaranteed to immediately change the look and feel of a space.

The only rule is that you should keep kitchen and bathroom walls more white than black, because too much black can make a room feel small. You can get away with a little more black in a larger bedroom or living room, but make sure that the look is balanced – also, remember that textured wallpaper can inject even more elegance.


Monochromatic-Interiors-Color-Palette-For-Refreshing-Days-6 Monochromatic Interiors Color Palette For Refreshing Days

As soon as spring arrives, it starts feeling like a good time to reinvigorate interior spaces by introducing some significant alterations to both the home and the way of living. In fact, implementing a careful and measured monochromatic look to your home can be a great way light things up and usher in a new atmosphere for another new year.

If you are considering a little dabble with the monochromatic look, our guide to making it work is bound to be of use to you.