Did you know that properties with a garage are worth more than those without any parking spaces? If you own one, you probably appreciate it a lot. However, it’s easy to follow a traditional scheme and use your garage only as a storage space and parking spot. We’re here to say that it can be so much more!

You can use your garage to its fullest if you reorganize your space and do some remodeling. Some projects require more time and effort than others. As such, you may reach out to companies providing renovating and garage door services, or you can try to do everything by yourself. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find five great ideas to use your garage space creatively. If you want to learn how to maximize the functionality of your garage, keep on reading.

Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to work from home. If you’re one of those people, you probably know how that feels! Some find it difficult to work from home, especially with children and pets running around, constant TV chatter, various distractions, and so on. A separate room for you to work in would definitely come in handy, wouldn’t it?

If you can’t make that sort of space in your home, consider turning your garage into a home office. Get a desk, a comfortable chair, some plants, and make sure your internet connection is strong – install a wi-fi extender if it’s not. Think about other items that would make your work more convenient, such as speakers, a coffee pot, and some cups.

Garage Gym or Fitness Studio

Not everyone likes going to the gym, and nowadays, it might not even be possible. However, scientists and health experts emphasize the importance of regular exercise. If you want to stay physically active, live a healthier lifestyle, and maintain your goal weight, you may consider turning your garage into a gym or fitness studio.

You don’t have to put those big exercise machines in the middle of your living room. If your garage is spacious enough, you can buy and transport the equipment there. If you want to be even more comfortable, you can install rubber gym flooring or shock mats, especially when you’re into weight lifting. Having your own gym in a garage is a great way to keep yourself in shape without having to pay for gym membership. And, if you’re more self-conscious, you can work out from the comfort of your private garage space without onlookers.

Hobby Room and Workshop

If you enjoy arts and crafts, you may want to consider transforming your garage into a workshop or a hobby room. After all, keeping certain pieces of equipment and engaging in your favorite activities in common spaces may be frowned upon. Your family members wouldn’t appreciate you painting your heart away, sewing, sawing, or hammering in the middle of a room, nor would they enjoy loud guitar or drum sessions. As such, creating a whole new place where you can fully engage in your favorite activities is a great solution.

Regardless of your hobby, you can fill your garage with all the necessary items if you have some space left after you park your car. While it may be more difficult to fit in musical instruments, such as the entire drum set, setting up a workshop can be fairly simple. Just use some space near the wall in the back or on the sides. If, on the other hand, you want to transform your entire garage into a hobby room, get the right supplies, and plan accordingly. You can have a place just for yourself, where you can engage in your hobbies in peace.

Additional Room

Chances are you’ll desperately need to extend the liveable space of your house. As such, it may turn out that remodeling your garage and creating another room might be the best idea. You’ll have to put more effort into making it comfortable; for example, you should insulate the room and make sure it’s well-ventilated. Also, don’t forget about building permits and zoning issues. After all, it’s a significant project that changes the purpose and functionality of your property.

Compared with other projects on our list, this one is probably the most challenging, but when you’re finally done with all the repairs and put the furniture in, you’ll see it’s definitely worth it. Even though you’ll have to make serious changes, your garage is a versatile space and can be converted into almost any room.

Efficient Storage Space

You probably already use your garage as additional storage space. But are you doing it right? Many people keep their belongings without any order and just let them pile up. It’s not efficient and definitely not comfortable, as it’s impossible to find anything in such a mess. For example, a simple closet door could hide tools and equipment and make the space look more tidy.

If you haven’t done so already, consider installing garage cabinets and shelves to help you keep your things organized. Use the walls and don’t forget about the ceiling. If it’s high enough, you can think about installing a ceiling storage system and prevent your belongings from getting in your way.

The Bottom Line

If you have a garage and you don’t have to use it as an indoor parking spot for your car, you can do all sorts of remodeling projects there. Depending on your needs, you can make room for your hobbies or workouts or create a brand new room as an extension of your house. If, on the other hand, you have to park your car inside, you can still use it to its full potential and create a more functional storage space, or try to fit in your equipment.

Regardless of the scale of your project, make sure you’re not violating any zoning and property laws. Stay on top of the legalities and check if you need building permits. Have them at the ready before you start remodeling your garage! Ultimately, come up with a plan and let it come to fruition.