If you are reading this article, then chances are you just got a new home. CONGRATULATIONS! Moving to a new house is both exciting and exhausting at the same time. Which is why most people often end up forgetting the important things that they should be prepared for. And that is where our Moving Checklist comes handy.

Let’s cut to the chase, there are tons of things that you need to look out for. From mattress to cables to crockpots, there are lots of things that go into moving to a new house. If you stress too much and don’t stay organized, the whule moving process will become a real issue. But luckily, we have prepared a Moving checklist that will help release your stress.

The Ultimate Checklist for moving into a new House: 

  • Moving containers: – Basically, a moving container company deposits moving containers. It’s a big unit where you can store all your belongings and you are given a specific time to finish loading your belongings. How long you are given them for is something that depends on the moving company.

So why exactly use moving containers anyway? Well, there are quite a lot of benefits of using them: –

  • They are flexible: – This means you get to load your belongings at your own pace. You can even get them for a month to finish loading the boxes.
  • They are secure means of transport: – most people would probably feel worried about giving all the belonging to a stranger but with moving containers you can have a key that will only give you access to your belongings.
  • They are affordable: – You can rent them and you only have to pay for pick up and delivery. The cost usually depends on how much you need to move.
  • Utilities: – Before you move into your new house and relax, you need to set up all the important utilities such as water, electricity, gas, etc. You need to keep the physical utility companies up to date with your moving date and everything. Reaching your new home and finding out electricity is still not set up is not a good feeling. Do remember to call up these companies.
  • Update your address: – One of the most common things that people forget to do is updating their address. Before you shift to your new house, make sure to remember that the address needs to be updated. You never know when that important letter or document might come.
  • Click photos of the valuable items: – Most of the time the moving company will say they are not responsible if any damage was made to your valuable product. To prevent this, make sure to click a photo of all your essential or antique items as proof that they were not damaged before moving.
  • Find out about the locality: – If you are moving to a different state, then you cannot go to the same doctor, landscaper, or hairdresser anymore. Take some time and visit the locality to find out about the best doctors, hairdressers, etc.
  • Cleaning Service: – When moving to a new house, it is recommended to hire a cleaning service and clean the house thoroughly. Chances are that the previous owner did not clean the house properly and your valuable furniture might get damaged because of it.

Conclusion: –

There you go, these are the top 6 things that people tend to forget when moving to a new house. Take note of all these items and your moving experience will be uplifting. Good luck!