Moving home is one of the most exciting, frantic and anxious movements that we go through in life.

From moving to your first rental property to finally taking the plunge and investing in your own property, this is always such a big step in life.

In fact on average a person in the UK will move home at least 8 times in their lifetime.

This is 8 times of searching, 8 times of packing and 8 times of settling in.

So what is it that goes into moving house, what are the choices and factors that influence the decision to make such a drastic change.

This is honestly a difficult question to answer as after all, what motivates people to have a fresh start is unique to that one individual.

However what are the factors that go into choosing your brand new nest.

1. Location

aerialhouses Moving Madness

Location is one of the key factors in making a decision to move to a new area. This is because it has an impact on all elements of your daily life, where your journey to work in, to accessibility to local amenities and shops.

The overall environment your potential home is in can also have an impact on your decision on a house. After all, if this is the place you will be waking up to every morning, therefore it is important that it is somewhere you really want to be.

2. Décor

Coastal-Beach-House-Decor-Interior Moving Madness

This second factor is more critical to renters rather than buyers. Never the less, when you go for a viewing one of the key elements to your environment is the décor. That first impression that you get when you walk in can make or break any potential move.

Walking into a property with old, bland carpets and cracks in the wall will not stand much of a chance against a home with fashionable wallpaper and grey laminate flooring in the living room.

This also factors in with buyers as well. Although in most cases a buyer will have every intention or renovating the home once they have moved in; seeing the house in a pleasant and well-presented manner demonstrates its design potential.

3. Functionality

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This is arguably the most critical factor which goes into deciding on choosing a new home. We all have different circumstances, and therefore different requirements for what we want out of our homes.

For example a small back to back property would not be very good for a growing family as space would be incredibly tight. On the other side there is no point if you are renting in paying out extra for space which you are never going to use.

Also from a buying perspective, you have to consider short and long-term changes due to the higher commitment levels compared to renting. When you move in you may feel there is plenty of space and room, however what if you wish to have a family or require more space for hobbies and personal projects.

Another element of functionality is how easy the house will be to maintain, seeing cracks in the wall and scuffed flooring may not leave the best of impressions.