According to a Dallas moving company, most people would choose not to move if they could; it’s a hassle getting everything packed, and moving to an unfamiliar place where you’re the stranger is something we’d like to avoid.

Still, most of us have to move at least once in our lives, and when your time comes, there are things you can do to make the experience more pleasant.

Like what? Well, read on and find out!

Make Photo Memories

If you have plenty of time before you move, take photos whenever you hang out with your friends. Be as crazy with the camera as you can and take group selfies all over town so you’ll have a lot of pleasant memories to look back on if you get down in the dumps in your new home. Also, think about getting some of those shots framed to decorate your new pad to brighten the mood.

Host The Mother of All Parties

Before you say ‘farewell,’ you need to throw a party for all of your friends and make it the time of your lives. When you all get together, take plenty of photos and make sure you’re all up to date with phone numbers and e-mails so you can keep in contact.

While you’re partying it up, don’t be shy about asking some of your friends for help when moving. Having an epic bash will create good memories and strengthen your bonds before you take off.

Spend Time With Your Bestie

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things to do when it’s time to move that you forget about your close friends. So, before you hit the road, make plans to spend a day or two with your closest friends and do all the fun things you enjoy doing together. Go on a shopping spree and hit up your favorite club for drinks and have a meal that would make your dietician scream!

Plan For Visits & Getaways

Depending on how far away you’re moving, plan to take a weekend and go back home to hang out with your friends. Plan these trips in advance, so you don’t get busy and forget. If you’re too far away, Skype or FaceTime with each other to stay in touch.


Keeping a journal before you move is a great way to document the experience. Write the things you did and how you feel about what’s going on. If you feel right, make it an online journal so you can share with everyone.

Spend Money

Sure, we all want to be good with our money, but sometimes, splurging is a good outlet when you’re feeling down. Buy some expensive clothes or have a costly meal to get your mind off having to leave. Don’t put yourself in too much debt, but live a little.

While moving is stressful and sad, if you spend time creating memories before you go, it can make the process easier to deal with.